Can I get a STD from cum in my eyes?

Cum in the eyes stings and requires immediate cleaning

In the heat of the moment, your lover tells you he wants to cum on your face (more commonly known as a “facial”).  “Sure, why not” you tell him, knowing how excited he gets when he covers your face and watches his love juice drip down your chin.  However, the cum in your eyes wasn’t part of the plan.

Guys are visual, and are used to seeing their ejaculation when masturbating, which is what they end up doing in order to give a facial.  For many guys, it becomes part of the excitement – being able to see their cum. 

Some lovers appreciate a big load of cum in their mouths, on their chests, or, as in this case, in the face.  Personally, the only place I have ever wanted jizz was in my mouthI enjoy a load in the mouth from my lover, but the thought of it in my hair or my nose makes me not want to have sex ever again!

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.  Sex is awkward.  If you have ever fallen from a bed, or get hit by an elbow in the face, you will understand what I mean. 

Although I am using the example of a facial, there are other, unintentional activities that can end up with cum in your eyes.  Imagine going down on your partner and pulling him out of your mouth when he warns you of an impending explosion, and one of those unidirectional squirts hit you in the face, and eyes.  Well, that probably wasn’t planned.  If you didn’t want it in your mouth, you probably didn’t want it on your face.

Or what if you are masturbating your partner and are enjoying being close to his penis when he blows his load, and one of the squirts really goes the distance and finds your face? He wasn’t intentionally trying to get cum in your eyes, but what can you do?

Ever watch a porn movie where the actress gets a load of cum in the eyes and can barely continue with the script?  You can sometimes tell in her face that cum-in-the-eye was NOT in the script.

Sexual mishaps do happen.  Ask any man about the pain involved of hard stroking and slightly missing the entry point on one stroke, feeling his penis fold in half.  It is an “ouch” that women won’t understand.

Men typically don’t have the best aim (not that men don’t try to aim; the penis doesn’t always cooperate – for the same reason women don’t want men peeing through the toilet seat!).  Whether it be urinating or ejaculating, men do not have control of the stream – regardless of what they try to convince you.

So that bad aim, or your willingness to take a facial brought an “oops” to the activities.  Or as the saying goes, “it is all fun and games until someone gets cum in their eye”.

From a danger perspective, getting semen or “cum” in the eye isn’t necessarily harmful (you aren’t going to die).  You can tell there is a “but” in there somewhere … and there is.  But ….

One person I asked told me it “stings really bad” … another non-cum-in-the-face-fan told me it “hurt like hell!”. 

By now, you are probably wondering what is in a man’s ejaculate:  sugar, enzymes, acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins.  All of which won’t bother you when swallowed.  But we are talking now about your sensitive eyes.

Any foreign irritating substance in your eyes can generate symptoms such as burning, tearing (watery eyes), light sensitivity, redness, blurry vision, and a desire to keep your eyes closed.  Part of that because if you see your partner that sprayed in your eyes you might want to knock him out!

What you probably haven’t considered is that your eyes “absorb” things.  When you put eye drops in your eyes, did you ever think of where they went?  Your eyes absorbed them.

Unfortunately, a virus or bacteria can also enter your body through the absorption mechanism of your eyes. 

If your partner has gonorrhea or chlamydia, these STIs / STDs can be passed to you through your eyes.  Technically, they would be present as conjunctivitis or an “Ocular STI”, which would present as an inflammation in the infected eye.

If it happens and cum gets into your eyes, don’t panic; don’t freak.  There are a few things you must do to clean your eyes.  The longer the cum stays in your eyes, the WORSE the symptoms will become.

Avoid rubbing your eyes.  Your natural reaction will be to rub.  Fight it.

Wash your eye repeatedly with lukewarm water.  You can do it yourself with a gentle stream in the shower, or in the sink by splashing water into your eyes.  You can use bottled water if you wish, but MAKE CERTAIN it has no flavors or bubbles!  Plain water only.

If you have saline solution, you should use it instead of regular water.  How long to rinse?  Most doctor suggest rinsing your eyes for at least 20 minutes.

And I don’t think I really need to say this, but just in case … DO NOT USE SOAP!

You will find that your eyes will start producing a lot of tears.  That is normal as your eyes are trying to flush the irritant out.

Your eyes will likely be red and irritated for a few hours.  If it is still red and sore the next day, you will need to see a doctor.

It is definitely possible to get chlamydia conjunctivitis after an incident of semen in the eye if your partner has the STD.  Here is an official study confirming.

The bad news is that TECHNICALY, you can contract herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, C, and even HIV, from infected semen in your eyes. 

Ocular herpes will start out mild, but will evolve into a very severe infection, that can damage your eye, and potentially damage your sight.  Yes, it is serious.

After your eyes have improved, you have a decision to make.  Unless this was a monogamous relationship, you should consider getting an STD test; and repeat it 3 months later. 

Remember that the eyes are easier to infect.  If you want or like facials, do your best to keep your eyes closed.  Teach your partner to give advance notice so that there isn’t a possibility to get cum in your eyes.

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