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Review: Body Wand Sex in Bath Gift Set

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.  Check out the BODY WAND GIFT SET version 2!

Body Wand Multi-Function Bath time Gift Set

The Body Wand Multi Function sex in bath gift set is one of my most recent purchases. For not that much more money than what a single Body Wand cost, I was able to get a body wand massager, dolphin wand attachment, massaging bath sponge, rubber ducky, and mini vibrator. I was really interested in getting a Body Wand, and the gift set option basically was the last twist in my arm before caving in. It was too good of a deal not too.

Body Wand makes several different types of wands, some with cords to be plugged into an outlet, some rechargeable, and some that require batteries. This one specifically is more similar to their Body Wand Aqua. It requires three AA batteries that you place into the compartment available after unscrewing the base of the handle. Super simple, and easy to figure out.

I have another more popular style wand, that I love, but unlike that one, this one has a pure silicone head offering a much more smooth almost softer feel. Silicone is just a super body friendly material, and people are finding it to be more ideal than others when it comes to toys. It has eight different modes of either steady vibration or pulses. This bad boy is also really quiet, making hardly any noise at all.

As all the products that come with this kit it is 100% waterproof; bathtub, shower, full submersion, you are good to go. It does recommend on the instructional paper found inside the box that you do not want to have it submerged in water for longer than fifteen minutes. And as with any waterproof toy you want to make sure they are fully dry before storing it away.

The Body Wand dolphin wand attachment is also made of pure silicone. It just slips, very easily, over the head of the massager. The attachment adds the option for penetration and clitoral stimulation, which basically makes this a two for one kind of toy. Pent ration plus clitoral stimulation is hands down the best.

Shower sex tends to be overrated and a lot more difficult than people realize, this gives your partner a way to easily have face to face, (or not), shower sex. The insertable portion of the attachment is angled for g-spot stimulation at roughly 4.5″.  The clitoral part, the actual dolphin, is so soft and flexible, you are guaranteed to get the coverage you need, and still get the full depth of the penetrative part.

The mini bullet is quiet and has great power. It requires three LR44, or AG13 sized batteries. It has excellent power! I’m fully content using the bullet on its own. It is made to slip into a holder on the sponge or into the base of the rubber ducky, to offer a couple of other bath time fun options. The sponge is really exciting when washing each other, especially when the vibration comes as a surprise. That is a surprise worth having, and a great way to introduce the idea of the wand into play. This seriously makes the fore play that much more fun.

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can also use alone … after inserting the toy into the sponge, place the sponge between your closed legs, and proceed to washing your hair or other things while the vibrator tells your vagina to have a great day!]

However, I will admit once placing the bullet into the base of the rubber ducky you lose a lot of the vibration. It is hollow and you just can not get a good transfer of power to really do much stimulation. It is fun to giggle about, and does add some cute character to the package, but really that is about it.

All in all I bought this kit mostly for the body wand and attachment. It was still cheaper than buying the two separate, plus I got some fun bath time inspiration, and a few extra goodies out of it. I say go for it, and yourself one as well.

UPC:  #726633978775

Pros: Body friendly materials

100% waterproof

Several options for couple and solo play


Decent power

Cons: As cute as the rubber ducky is, he/she will leave you disappointed

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