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Best Gift Ideas For A Hilarious Bachelorette Party

Anyone who has ever gone to a bachelorette party I have hosted, knows I love to cover every single detail. When people come in asking for suggestions on gift ideas for a bachelorette party, I get super excited.  If I could plan every single bachelorette party for every person who comes in looking for supplies I would be thrilled.  So I have made a list of bachelorette must have gift ideas.  It is important to know that we do carry a huge selection.  We have the penis everything theme, but we also have other options of just fun party accents.  So many people do not want a penis smiling at them every chance they get.  Or maybe you don’t know how comfortable everyone at the party is with funny naughty items, (they may be lame people, but you don’t have to tell them that.  I’m kidding.)  So we will certainly find something for everyone.

A typical bachelorette party isn’t going to be in a place you can’t easily decorate.  It is either at a bar or some other public bachelorette party gift ideaslocation.  I really do not put too much pressure to get decorations. However, nothing ties a party together than just a touch of something extra.  If you have a designated driver for the night, we actually sell some cute car decorations.  If the meeting place is a hotel, it is always fun to have a little touch of party in the room, especially for wow factor when everyone arrives.  We have gift ideas like a fun caution tape theme banner, or we also have a penis themed banner.  We have some other party decoration kits, and other decorating options, but typically I think the money should be spent elsewhere that ends up being more fun for the night out.  Like pre-game snacks and drinks!  We have awesome cupcake decorating kits for any level of naughty or nice parties.  Other gift ideas include cake pans, cookie cutters, and silicone trays.  The silicone trays are awesome. They can be used first to make any chocolate candies or cakes, then used for fun shaped jello shots, and lastly fun shaped ice cubes for drinks. The silicone trays are reusable and totally versatile!

Skipping decorations, or using very little is totally ok when it comes to a bachelorette party.  Typically you want to decorate bachelorette party gift ideasthe bride to be for her night out.  For the bride-to-be who loves attention, and who (obviously) wants to be seen on her last free night out, we have the most perfect gift ideas.  Each item listed can be worn by itself, of course.  But for mass attention from the DJ, or an increased amount in free drinks, the following three items should be worn together:  Bride-to-be Veil, Bride-to-be Tutu, and the Flashing Party Boa.  All three items are made by the same company and come in either white with pink accent or pink with white accent.  The veil is longer than most bachelorette options, and both the veil and tutu are made from tule.  The tule material is nice, because it is super lightweight.  Dance the night away without being weighed down, or with a bunch of bulky, in the way, materials.  Both also have bride to be written on them.  Super cute!  The feather boa is just a great touch for a dark place. It says bride to be as well, and has flashing lights.

Of course we have some things for the lesser attention-seeking bride-to-be to wear.  We carry items to deck the entire bridal party out.  Sometimes it helps if everyone participates in dressing up.  Bride to be has a cute Party Tiara Set: it comes with one bride tiara and 4 bridesmaid tiaras.  They have a flexible band, and it won’t mess up your hair for the night.  The tiaras paired with sashes for the crew is plenty fun.  A bachelorette party bracelet set is the ultimate touch to making the entire crew feel VIP.  The bracelets are plastic, inexpensive, but really cute.  You can also put them around you beer bottles as decoration if you are not the wristband type.  Of course one will say Bride, and the others say team bride.  Not to mention the crazy amount of buttons and ribbons we have to choose from as well!

Games are another “must have” in my opinion when it comes to a bachelorette party.  They can be as wild, as simple, as bachelorette party gift ideasnaughty, as crazy as you’d like.  But you certainly need to have a game going at some point. There is this inflatable penis, Captain Pecker the Party Wrecker.  It is basically a 6ft blow up penis, but makes the perfect tag along for a party of these sorts.  I’ll never forget the last time I was in New Orleans and someone was having a bachelorette party on Bourbon St.  Of course our paths crossed, (as drunk me tends to always be the first to spot a huge cock! hahaha), the bride to be was having all kinds of people sign this huge cock and leave a bit of advice.  I know i signed it, and I am almost positive I wrote something raunchy like “get that D every night”, because I always think I am funnier than I really am while drinking. *shrug*  If you aren’t comfortable carrying a giant penis around, there is also the Bachelorette Party Outta’ Control Memory Book.  To be used the same as listed above.  We also have several variations of dare type games to be played while out and about.  Whoever collects the most dares wins!

Probably the number one selling bachelorette game that we sell is the Bachelorette Party Mug shots game.  We also carry the non bachelorette version, that works just as well, and is incredibly fun!  This game is a ridiculous amount of fun!  It comes with a typical mug shot backdrop, 100 activity cards, and 10 double sided mug shot boards, (name plates to hold in front of you like a typical mug shot).  The rules are to shuffle the deck of dares, pick one, and complete it.  The player with the most mug shots win.  I like to suggest another way to play, which makes it really fun also.  The name plates are blank, so you can write whatever you want inbachelorette party gift ideas the blanks.  Before a night of going out, have it already set up in the hotel, or wherever you are starting the night, and have everyone write a silly name, (Seymore Butts, for example), and take a photo.  Then after the night of heavy drinking and having a great time, come back and repeat.  The names become hilarious, (Anya Knees), and comparing the two pictures is always a great laugh!

Whatever you have in mind for a bachelorette party, we can always help! We are always happy to make suggestions, so you should never be afraid to ask.  We hear so many different stories, and each person who works in the store has a different perspective.  Everyone can agree though that a bachelorette needs a night to remember forever!  Please let us help you choose the best gift ideas, games and decorations for your special bachelorette party!


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