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Another Couple Caught Having Sex on a Grave

The woman who hoped to shame the couple by filming them was disappointed. As the couple, in a cemetery located in Cork, Ireland, did not care to stop having sex on a grave after they saw her.

A woman who went to visit her recently dead mother in a cemetery was astounded by the sight of a couple doing it in the graveyard.

The woman who wants to be anonymous, video-taped the scene in hope shame the couple. She also expressed her disgust for such behavior. They acted as though she was invisible.

The pair were seen having sex on a grave and under a tree at St Michael’s cemetery in the city of Cork, Ireland on a Tuesday. 

The footage was sent by the woman to a local TV show with a description of the event, on the grave!

She revealed that the experience was a horrifying one but that the couple didn’t seem to give much thought to her presence. 

She said that the responsibility of what she might have done would not be hers, if it were to be on her mother’s grave.

But she brought out her phone hoping to humiliate them. Time was 7:15 pm.

She said it was a shameful thing because she has just buried her mother and that dogs were better off.

The couple, if interviewed, might have as well called it ‘a grave mistake‘.

A spokesperson for the cemetery who hadn’t seen the video but heard of the video explained that there are about seven cameras put in place at the cemetery but that they are only focused on the front side of the cemetery. This is because the far side of the cemetery lacks power supply.

Several years ago, there were calls to put in places ‘grave cams’, as this will help curb some anti-social activities (does sex on a grave quality?) going on in local cemeteries. (“So many Anti-social activities at a graveyard that you need cctv?”)

Although there a good number of them put in place in graveyards already, incidents like this call to question their effectiveness.

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