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4 Toys You Should Get For The Best Anal Play Ever


Anal sex is a very sensitive subject (pun intended!).  Some love anal play, some are dying to try it.  It is like the “last frontier”; the mountain you never climbed.  And for some, the mountain you never plan to climb!

But for those adventurous souls, anal play is something that is beyond explanation.  You can’t explain why you want to try it, you just do.  And for those who have the calling and find it enjoyable, you find it isn’t the last time you will choose “What’s behind door number 2”.

Here are four different anal toys we think you should consider when shopping for back door sex toys.  We didn’t list lube as one of the four, because it is not a toy.  (duh).

anal play lubeAnal lube should be the most important thing on your list.  The best anal lubes contain benzocaine – a (slight) numbing additive to the lube to help you adjust to an initially challenging feeling.

Our favorite anal lube is called Anal Glide.  The staff have nick-named it “anal morphine”.  It is a silicone based desensitizing lube.  Apply liberally and wait at least 15 minutes for the numbing to begin.

And the second most important part of anal play — understanding that it takes RELAXATION (with lots of lube!).  Take your time and let your body adjust to the visitor at the back door.

Ok, here we go.  My choice for the top toys for your bottom!  I have included toys for men, women or both.

1.  Rock Hard Ass Gasm

anal play sex toys

Why I like this toy:  One of the best selling items in the stores has always been cockrings, especially vibrating cockrings.  Anal toys for men are closing in quickly, especially with toys like the Aneros making great inroads with men interested in experimenting with anal play.  You can’t imagine the increased intensity of orgasm until you have a toy in your butt while you cum.

This sex toy for men combines those sensations and gives vibrations to both the cockring and the anal plug.  It doesn’t get in the way of sex either — put it on (and in) and go to town.  Really.  Go to town if you want because it is comfortable to wear.  Just stay away from any TSA screenings.

2.  Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug
(Discontinued:  I suggest the RIMMING PETITE now)

anal play sex toys

Why I like this toy:  Firstly, I like this toy because it is made by Sensuelle.  Did I say I like Sensuelle?  Well, let me say it again.  I LOVE SENSUELLE TOYS.  They work.  They vibrate like crazy.  They are well made.  They are just incredible sex toys.

I like this toy because it is smooth, and has a very tapered shape.  I feel safe, because of the extra large “t-bar” at the bottom, which prevents the anal toy from going further than it should, if your anal play gets a little wild.  It has 20 functions, giving you the choice of so many vibrating patterns.  I can’t tell you how many times I have orgasmed with a vibrator on the “pulse” vibration sequence … where it pulses on and then off; faster then slower.  OMG.

3.  Anal Beads Pleasure Balls

anal beads play

Why I like this toy:  Experienced customers always say to us, “oh anal beads.  Those are so 1980’s”.  But it is not true!  I would bet that more than half of all our customers had their first anal experience with anal beads.  I know I did.  They weren’t scary looking and I could imagine taking time and gently inserting them one by one.  And then when my orgasm started to build, I would pull the string allowing each ball to force its way out of my closed butt!  Just thinking about it excites me.

Anal beads are great toys to begin your anal play experiments with.  They are inexpensive, non-threatening and proven.  They do not last forever though, and you should throw them away after a few dozen uses.

4.  Tailz – Blonde Pony Tail Anal Plug

anal play tail

Why I like this toy:  I don’t.  Truthfully.  But the staff shared their ideas for this list with me and they think it should be included because it is a product trending in our stores.

“It is a smooth and silk pony tail that touches your butt and tickles your crack as you move around (or are moved around) during sex.  It is one of the smaller butt plugs, making insertion and removal for beginners very easy.  It is simply a fun and cool anal toy to add to your sex toy chest.”  I let them write that description.  After she wrote it, I thought about long hair tickling my butt and that made me realize I should look into this toy a little more.

Remember, go slow and use lots of lube in your anal play episodes.  I hope you have enjoyed my latest pics!


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