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A$AP Rocky Sex Tape Scandal – What Does It Say About Us

A$AP Rocky Sex Tape Scandal

Sex tape releases are a rather common occurrence in the modern media age. A plethora of actors and others have found their most intimate moments revealed to the rabid hordes of the internet. Such incidents can stain a career as dirty laundry gets aired. About the only thing that could make it worse is if the people watching the leaked footage start mocking the sexual performance of the celebrity in question. Just ask A$AP Rocky.

A$AP Rocky, the rapper name of Rakim A. Mayers (I can understand the name change), found himself in the unenviable position of having a sex tape released and people remarking rather negatively on his performance in said video.

This is just the latest entry into a story of addiction, lust, ego, and fat stacks of cash. The rapper was identified in the video by his tattoos, although none were on Rocky, Jr.,, and the nearly 200,000 viewers were quick to remark on his lack of sexual acumen.

Considering back in the early days of the internet how fast the Paris Hilton sex tape spread, I consider that low viewership something of a double standard. Then again, when you’re a symbol of sexual energy and prowess like rapper are wont, perhaps the poor reviews have affected viewership. In that instance, A$AP Rocky might be wise to contact Roger Ebert for a more thorough review.

A$AP Rocky, the rapper name of Rakim A. Mayers

The torrid drama of sex and slander starts far before the leaked sex tape. As an added layer of irony, the rapper has professed to “combating” sex addiction since middle school. Let that sink in for a minute while I repeat it: SEX ADDICTION SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL.

After taking a long pull of tequila to help cope with that revelation, the rapper’s defensive reactions to his sexual prowess seem like a skewed priority.

Sex addition may get mocked, but it is a legitimate disorder. The idea of taking something as emotionally and physically satisfying as sex and reducing it to the equivalent of chain smoking Malboro’s after a hard day at the office is honestly rather disheartening. Not even the hard-living lifestyle and massive income can make up for such a hollow, unsatisfying sex life.

No wonder the man got so defensive about his performance. It’s not just a matter of his masculine pride, but a sticking point with an ongoing battle with a serious disorder. At least he can be proud that his problem wasn’t related to his name … the “A.S.A.P” part.

The tragic comedy of a released sex tape combined with the tragedy of addiction have come together to create the plot for a BET original movie. Or the rapper’s next music video.

A$AP Rocky is not handling the release well, lashing out at people who mock his performance in the video and hiring a lawyer to represent the allegedly under-performing member (Rocky, Jr., who hopefully also doesn’t use the “ASAP” moniker) in question.

ASAP Rocky, the rapper name of Rakim A. Mayers

Rather than lash out, you’d think the man would use this situation to garner sympathy and resolve for combating his addiction. Instead, he’s decided to take the defensive regarding his performance, with his lawyer openly stating those who have seen the video cannot remark on the rapper’s skills since they have not experienced said skills firsthand.

So far none of the women the rapper’s been physical with have come forward to corroborate or deny his lack of abilities as they appear in the sex video.

What this actually says about skills of A$AP Rocky is a mute point. The potential double standard of leaked sex footage, lack of respect for a man combating addiction, and the defensive reactions of a man whose pride has been wounded at the most visceral level, all make for a compelling narrative.

Somehow, when they’re all combined, it just turns into a farce.

Perhaps the real tragedy here is that no one can take rapper artists seriously anymore because this is the sort of shenanigans we’re used to from them. However it turns out, hopefully, A$AP Rocky’s game and sales recover.

If nothing else, he’s got good material for his next album and a possible movie deal.

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