Will Ferrell in The Goods — Raining Dildos

will ferrell dildo from the goods

The Goods:  Live Hard, Sell Hard with a small part by Will Ferrell and the Dildo that won't go away.

"OH, No! The Dildo is back!" is the famous line from The Goods.

In 2009, Will Ferrell had a small part in a movie titled "The Goods:  Live Hard, Sell Hard".  I remember when the movie came out, and for some reason it didn't interest me.  Here I am seven years later writing about a movie that I have never seen.  Although after watching the trailers, I'm glad I didn't spend my money to go to the theater for this one.

FROM MTV:  I just watched what might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all year — it’s a clip [from the movie The Goods] involving Will Ferrell, an Abe Lincoln costume and various sexual instruments. Is this a Web-only thing on Funny or Die, or is it actually in the movie?

Wow.  I never knew that my feelings were so far removed from MTV.  There is nothing funny about the clip, in which a friend switches Will's parachute for a bag of sex toys.  Whe Will pulls his chute, notihng but sex toys are seen flying around Will, heading to the ground at break neck speed.  

I'm only including it because I asked my friends for a list of "sex toys in the news" that they could remember, and The Goods was on their list.  It made news, because it was both risque and Ferrell actually mentioned the word "dildo" in the movie as he is falling, hoping the dildo would break his fall!

So my first entry in the historical news about sex toys section is a movie I never watched.  How many of YOU actually watched The Goods with Will Ferrell???

will ferrell in the goods



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