The Top Weird Dildos: A Keepsake Urn

sex toy keepsake urns cremated ashes weird dildos

Weird Dildos?  You tell me.  A usable dildo that stores the ashes of your dead loved one.  

I have always maintained an open mind about sex and sexual practices (or, what some writers call "sexual deviations").  Sometimes however, I see and hear things that are difficult for me to comprehend.  Today's post is about weird dildos:  one of those items that is beyond my ability to understand.  Now, don't get me wrong — I "accept" it, as I do with other sexual proclivities.  I really believe in the phrase, "Whatever turns you on" — or the older phrase, "Whatever floats your boat."  In the case of sex toys, it would be the "little man in the boat"!

But when I saw the "21 Grams Memory Box", I just shook my head.  This memory box is known as a keepsake urn and is designed around a dead partner.  It has a spray bottle to release his/her favorite scent into the air.  It has various storage places for trinkets and reminders of the departed love one.  It locks with a key attached to a golden necklace.  

And it has a golden urn inside a glass dildo.  "Ummmm. Do what? I though you said it had an URN inside a DILDO?"  Yes.  You read correctly.  There is a golden urn that will hold 21 grams of your loved one's ashes inside of a FULLY USABLE glass dildo.  As I said — this must be the top of the list for weird dildos!

Yeah, I know.  That is the "icky" factor that I have trouble wrapping my head around.

The urn offers the possibility to conserve 21 grams of ashes of the deceased
and displays an immortal desire.
If she wishes she is able to have an intimate night with her sweetheart again but
21 Grams is not just a way to tempt a person to revive an intimate night
but more important; …

Direct from the developer's site.  "An intimate night with her sweetheart again".  And the glass of the dildo is … well, again, I'm taking this directly from the creator's website … "mouth blown glass".


sex with your loved one's ashes in weird dildos

sexual device to store the cremated ashes of your partner

weird dildos that store the ashes of your deceased partner



And while I am at it, this is weird too, but not quite as much.  🙂   I can handle putting a dog mask on your partner more than the above item.


creepy sex toys


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