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we vibe tango

The Rechargeable Award Winner We Vibe Tango

We Vibe makes this nifty mini vibe.  It is called the We Vibe Tango. It comes in two different color options, pink or blue, is rechargeable, has a tapered tip to ensure you hit just the right spot, and made to last. The manufacturer even backs it with a one year warranty.

We Vibe Tango is a small mini vibe, in fact, pocket sized would be the best way to describe this little sex toy. I use mine on the go. One of the best things about this toy is that it is rechargeable. (A lot of times, when a vibrator is of this size, it uses a smaller sized battery such as AG13, LR44, etc, which can sometimes be a deal breaker if someone wants to purchase a toy (even though those batteries are easier to find than one may realize.)

We Vibe Tango can be recharged by a USB cord, which means NO MORE BATTERIES. Which makes it very convenient to recharge in your car on a drive; discreetly at the office plugged into your computer, or at home. It takes 90 mins for it to reach a full charge, and then can be used for a straight two hours. (Good luck using this little vibrating bullet for two hours straight! šŸ™‚ You may just wear yourself out!) It will also hold its charge relatively well; meaning that if you use it for fifteen mins one day, throw it on the nightstand, and go back to use it a week later, it'll still have that charge and be ready to go.

we vibe tango bullet vibe add onsWe Vibe Tango is made to be completely body safe being made from PC ABS thermoplastic. Translation: basically it is a hard thick plastic, but very smooth and comfortable. Even though it is not made from a jelly or silicone type material it is still recommended to use a water based lubricant when in use to maintain the quality of the toy. This material also makes it incredibly easy to clean. It is as simple as anti bacterial soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner.

The actual power of the vibration in this We Vive Tango bullet will not leave you disappointed either. You have eight different modes to choose from controlled by a simple one touch button located at the very bottom, (hold it down to turn it off). Some modes are constant vibration in different levels of intensity, and some are pulses/ patterns. I tend to just go with constant vibration, Tango has a really nice high speed I enjoy, however pulses can be fun too. If you are by yourself and really thinking of a specific scenario in your mind, the pulses of vibration can really play along and magically add to your imagination.

When you purchase a We Vibe Tango it comes in a small hard box, with the sex toy, a silk storage bag, a charging cap, (which connects to the small prongs for charging and the USB cord), USB cable, and a user manual. It does not come with a USB AC power adapter, (a small box that makes it able to plug into a we vibe tango bullet vibestandard wall outlet). That was a bit of a disappointment to me, but honestly, probably my only complaint.

USB AC power adapter are so easy to find now, gas stations even sell them, or if you have one for your cell phone charger, that will work as well. *Fun fact, if you have an android phone, the charger that comes with this little sexy toy will work to charge your phone, just disconnect the charging cap. It probably isn't recommend as a permanent phone charger…simply because it was not intended for that in its original design, but in a pinch it works.

True Fact:  That tells you about my priorities … I went somewhere with my Tango toy but not my phone battery charger!  That is how I know this wevibe charger will charge a phone!

There are also two attachments that can be bought separately. "Glow",  is designed to slip over the Tango and offer g-spot stimulation. It is a accessories for the sex toy we vibe tango bullet vibebright pink, 5.7 inches tip to base, and sturdy.

"Dusk" is designed for anal play, with a smooth tapered tip making it great for a beginner. It is a slate, dark grey in color, and 3.7 inches tip to base. Both are made out of medical-grade silicone, no phthalates, latex, or BPA, and completely waterproof.

Using either of the attachments will decrease the power of the vibrations, but they still will be satisfying.

If you are tired of replacing bullets that are cheaply made and die frequently; cords get pulled out of the controller; batteries that are just annoying; then this is totally the toy for you.

UPC:  #839289015845

Pros: Pocket sized

           8 modes

          Whisper quiet


          1 yr warranty

         Completely 100% waterproof

         Body safe material

          Additional options with the possibility of attachments

Cons: Comes with USB cable, but not an AC adapter


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  • Jessica

    I purchased this toy and the attachments in the Pleasure Mate Collection. I love the Tango toy its self but with the attachments connected to the toy, the power of the vibration drastically dropped. Personally I enjoy the Tango by its self with out the attachments…but that's just me. That was the only disappointment I had with this product, but the battery life is amazing. A single full charged battery will last me between five days and a week. I made sure the day of my purchase I went to the we vibe website and registered the warranty so I wouldn't forget. The different functions are great and always keep you on your toes. Overall, I really enjoyed this toy and my next purchase from We Vibe will be the We Vibe 4 Plus.

  • Beth

    I'm a sucker for a strong bullet. All my other ones I have, have a cord. I had a few wireless ones that never did anything for me. This thing has an incredibly strong sensation that puts other bullets to shame. I LOVE this toy because One..there's no cord…Two…there's no batteries!!  The battery life is fantastic. Although, the only bad thing I have come across is the charger does not easily hold the vibe because it uses magnets. Anyway, back to the good stuff…It's waterproof!! Shower/bath time just got more awesome. It's incredibly quiet also. My husband and myself discovered to add this to a cock ring! Mine did and let me tell you that was the best idea we have ever had! I hope who ever is reading this has a fantastic time like we have had with it. 5 stars in our book!!

  • Taylor

    I turned this on and acidentally dropped it and I had to pretty much chase it all over my bedroom. That is how intense this bullet is. I don't have any attachments for it yet because I don't feel the need to have them. I am beyond happy with just the tango its self. The battery life is amazing. Clean up is self explanitory. I love to add this during sex or oral play with my hubby. Talk about an amazing experience. You won't be disappointed at all with this toy.

  • Kristen

    The We Vibe Tango is probably the best vibe I have ever bought. It hasn't failed me, not even once. The battery life lasts forever! Well, I wish it did, but it does last a long time before it dies! The different functions on it are even better. I actually can't wait to use it and I get so excited. My boyfriend even loves it! Honestly, you can make any toy a couples toy…just use some imagination. Reasons to buy it: Rechargeable (no batteries ever again), No wires to get in the way or wires that break easy, super intense vibrations, multi-functional, and long battery life. Do I need to say anymore?? We Vibe Tango is my new friend!

  • Mike

    Nice review.  This is the second version of this vibe, my wife had the first incarnation and it was her hands down favorite.  Over time, and being dropped more than once, it had developed a small crack and was tossed because it wouldn't be possible to clean well.  The old charger (magnetic) was very fussy and sometimes hard to get it "just right".  I have heard that Tango has corrected this in the new version.  Definitely very strong vibrations!  She usually started with this on the lowest setting and worked up.  The only thing I have to think about now is which color to get her new one in!

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