Review: We Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator

we vibe 4 plus couples vibrator

We Vibe 4 Review – Great Couples Vibrator

The We Vibe 4 Plus is my number one selling couples vibrator. This company literally covered all bases when developing this product.

Something to consider when thinking about this company is they do not mass produce a bunch of different toy styles, like other larger toy companies. They have an idea and they perfect it, one toy per style, until it is right. Which means they produce such high quality toys you almost can't be disappointed. The We Vibe 4 Plus, is just another great, perfected, rechargeable couples vibrator,  with your choice of pink, purple, or slate (matte black).

This design can be incredibly confusing at first, and it is going to be a challenge to describe with words, but bear with me. (Thank goodness I can add pictures!) The We Vibe 4 is made from medical grade silicone, literally the best material, (in my, and many others opinion), which means it does not include any phthalates, latex, or BPA. This high of a grade of silicone is sooooo smooth and comfortable, while being sturdy enough to stay in place and not be flimsy.

It is shaped like a side ways U, and fits into the vagina for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. So that does mean only half of the we vibe 4 is inserted while the other half is for external use. It is designed to almost hug your vagina and fit snuggly with two separate motors for vibration located directly in the g-spot and clitoral area for ideal sensation.  The unique design actually leaves room for physical penetration from your partner at the same time.

It fits in the palm of my hand with measurements of 2.9" in length, 1.6" in height, and 1.2" in width, but because it hugs your body so nicely, it does not feel like it is adding to the space you have for penetration from your partner. This means you and your partner are being stimulated in every way; vibration in the g-spot and clitoral, physical penetration, and your partner will get the sensation of the vibration as well.

Not only did We Vibe make sure you would be satisfied during intercourse, they upped their game to meet todays technology standards. A remote is included with the purchase of a We Vibe 4 Plus, but it also has bluetooth capability. This means you can download an app and control the toy from your phone. The app will work from anywhere in the world. You read that correctly, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

How cool is that? If your partner travels for work often, you can still have sexual interaction. The app is compatible with Apple and Android phones, and controls vibrations and intensity, as well as letting you create your own custom vibrations that work best for you. The We Vibe 4 remote comes with five different modes, once you download the app you have access to five more different modes, and the endless possibilities that come with creating your own. Pretty amazing!

we vibe 4 plus couples vibratorThe recharging process of the We Vibe 4 Plus actually had a lot of thought that went into it as well. It has a charging base compatible with a USB cable, but you can fit the remote and the toy on it at the same time. We-Vibe took it a step further and included a lid to place over the top hiding the toy and remote while it charges, or unplugged you can use it to store the toy and remote together. This is a super discreet way of charging the toy or storing it. It almost looks like an air freshener sitting on the night stand, as opposed to some crazy sex toy hanging out waiting for the kids to stumble across it and ask questions.

Way to go WeVibe, Moms and Dads everywhere are so happy with this! It looks so boring my child has never even noticed it, and I keep it on my nightstand most of the time. It does take a good four hours to get a full charge, but you get nearly 3 hours of play off that charge.

I will admit that while the traditional way of using the toy is great, sometimes it can slip out with the thrusting involved with penetration. I have only experienced this on a couple of occasions, typically when alcohol was involved earlier in the night, during some hardcore thrusting, or when too much lubrication was used.  Aren't you glad I share my crazy experiences??  Who hasn't had a night fueled with too much alcohol??

However, I sure do like to find alternate ways to use a product. One night a former partner and I kept experiencing it slipping, so we decided to use it on him. He was totally open to prostate stimulation, I already knew this, so he was very much ok with the idea. We used the g-spot side for insertion on him and it hit his prostate perfectly, and the clitoral stimulator rest against his testicles. Let's just say he still claims to this day that the We Vibe 4 gave him one of the best orgasms of his life!

I have also used the We Vibe 4 as a vibrating panty. It is so quiet you can use it easily in public. With the app no one even second guesses what your partner is doing on their phone, and you are silently being tortured in the best kind of way. If you are going to be walking around with it inserted, your panties help to hold it into place, however you are also going to be using your kegels. Kegel usage never hurt anyone. 😉

To wear it during a road trip is pretty fun as well. Especially when it is a romantic weekend away, it can help build the intensity on the ride to the hotel or whatever your destination may be. Seriously, the ways to use the We Vibe 4 are endless with a little imagination.

UPC:  #786471707067

Pros: Great couples toy!

           100% Waterproof


           Discreet charging and storage

           Whisper quiet

           Made from medical grade silicone

           App capability

           Wireless remote

           Various vibrations

Cons: Occasional slipping may happen

            Does not come with a USB power adapter included, but that is super easy to find, and you most likely already have one.


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we vibe 4 plus couples vibrator

we vibe 4 plus couples vibrator

we vibe 4 plus couples vibrator

we vibe 4 plus couples vibrator




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  • Michael

    I surprised my wife and brought this home one day. She had been dropping hints to me for a few months now about this. I work off shore and I am away from her all the time, well now that we have this toy, we can still have fun and be happy. I can literally control her toy from where ever I am at. It's even better when I am home and we go out and about in town while she's wearing it. The look on her face when it comes on is priceless. No one will ever know because they assume I am only playing on my phone. This toy has so much power and intensity it is incredible. I love when we use it together, talk about a great time. We can't get enough of this toy. She loves the material it is made out of because it is comfortable and doesn't tug on anything. A fully charged battery will last us at least 5 days with out having to charge it again. The only bad thing about it that I would have to say is I had to dig for a charging block in order to charge it in a wall outlet. Which is no big deal anyway. Also very easy to clean after using it. Majority of the "couples toys" out there are limited to a vibrating cock ring…well this is 1000xs better than any cock ring we have ever used. It is a fantastic product for both my wife and myself. I will recommend this toy to anyone.

  • Alicia

    The first time my hubby and I used this, it left us kinda chafed after. We used way more lube than necessary the next time we used it. It was so much better. When he’s inside me and not moving, the vibrating internal part of the toy left us with so much pleasure. It even hits my g-spot perfectly. It surprisingly holds it's place in me while he thrusts, but only if he is going slow. If he goes fast, it will slip out very easy. The vibrations feel amazing on top of everything else though. From multiple uses, it is definitely meant to bring lovers more close and intimate versus the fast and rough sex. I actually enjoy it much more while he is involved.  I even cupped it around his balls while giving him oral, and it stayed with out slipping too. This is a very versatile toy, and we absolutely love it!

  • Tiffany

    I know we all want to keep it spiced up in the bedroom. Well this is where it’s at. It looks a little weird but once we were explained how it worked I was all over it. We both really liked the we vibe 4 solo with out using it during sex. He liked that it’s a hands free device. My husband and I are a larger couple. Used with out sex it was great, but together we had a few issues. It was actually kind of painful when my husband’s body pushed the clitoris part hard against me during intercourse. So we have learned to use it during foreplay or out and about doing errands together. That way he can use the remote and watch me try to control my face in public haha. So it wasn't a complete bust for us.  My friend swears by the wevibe4 though. 🙁

  • Layla

    This toy clips into the right places and gets me so ready to go. Definitely great for foreplay! It takes vibrating panties to a whole new level. I’m on the fence about it used during sex. As this does the job for him, but on the other hand it irritated my vaginal opening with all the friction from amazing sex. It cleans well. It also stays put if you are walking while you wear it. The charger has held up, unlike the lelo’s charger, but that’s another review for another time. I would say sex wise for me this wasn't where it was at, but used by its self leaves you mouthing OMG.

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