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Vibrators have been jiggling the genitals of women since 1869, when the physician, names George Taylor, designed, manufactured and patented The Manipulator.  The Manipulator was powered by steam and was inserted into pelvis for vibration treatments.  Taylor’s patients would lie on their stomachs on a table that was padded for their comfort, and enjoy the “pelvic massage” from the Manipulator. 

The Manipulator weighed in at approximately 125 pounds and contained a vibrating sphere.  Both men and women enjoyed the cures from this vibrating treatment. Women’s treatments were inserted vaginally, and men’s treatments were inserted anally.  There are few historical references to the men's anal treatment however.  

Since the founding moment of the Manipulator, many other physicians were introducing vibrating techniques that varied in shapes, sizes and power sources.  Water, air, gas and batteries were all methods that were used to power the historical vibration devices.  Whether the device played music, were shaped like forks, were large, small, or shaped like a hairdryer, they provided stimulation to both genders.    

The popularity of the vibration techniques took off and in 1880, the first electromechanical vibrator introduced the vibrator to homes across the nation.  Hamilton Beach had the first retail patent in 1902, followed by General Electric (GE) in the introduction of "personal massagers", which resembled hair dryers and contained attachments, and the ability to relive their youthful pleasures.   

Ads for personal vibrators covered the local papers and magazines for more than twenty years, but after the 1920’s, were never seen in print for at least 50 years until Hitachi placed an ad for the Magic Wand Massager.  Nobody knows why the ads were not printed for so long, but Hitachi reintroduced vibration ads to media.   

Since the 1970’s adult products in general, and "sex toys" in particular, have slowly increased in popularity and acceptability.   Television shows, like Sex & the City created a following of women who were so intrigued by the openness of the show.  Before this show, they were only able to discuss sex  and sex-related topics in a hush-hush way with their best friends; but thanks to Sex and the City, society has opened it’s mind to accept more sexual related topics.  This show has also increased the sales of  the Form 6 "Neck Massager”, due to Samantha’s product return and referring it to as a vibrator.

Here comes Ethan of Jimmyjane

Most companies, like Sharper Image, Hamilton Beach, and GE create products that are really meant to be genital vibrators, but they label them “personal massager”, or “neck massager”, to avoid being labeled, or appearing inappropriate.  Ethan Imboden, Founder of Jimmyjane, was tired of adult toys only being sold in cheap and chintzy packages and places.  He knew that just because sex is taboo, it doesn’t have to be dirty and sleazy.  He was on a mission to create a new generation of adult toys—products with class and sophistication. He wanted to bring high-end and earth-friendly adult products to the market of otherwise questionable sleaze, in an effort to redefine the adult industry. 

With the help of friends and family, Imboden set out on a mission to make recyclable, sleek, fashionable, effective, sexy, hygienic an portable sex toys.  Some of the designs are Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma (a sleek, aluminum wonder that runs on rechargeable battery and is completely recyclable.) and the Form 6 that everyone is talking about. 

The Form 6 is a complete work of art and genius design.  Not only is this product waterproof, nonporous, and hypoallergenic, but it is also made of silicone, purrs like a quiet kitten, and DOES NOT take AA batteries.  That’s right, this sex toy runs on a lithium ion battery, and will withstand a lot more action than weak AA batteries.  These awesome devices make you feel good in more ways than one.  Not only do they knock you off your socks, but they also are earth friendly and comply with FCC, FDA ISO and all other standards of compliance. 

Jimmyjane is in the new class of sex toys, referred to as the "luxury vibrators", because of the higher standards and made in the USA quality.  Jimmyjane products have also become the high end standard for celebrities:  Jennifer Garner, Kate Moss, and Terri Hatcher have all promoted JimmyJane products.

LoveWorks is proud to see the JimmyJane line of toys both in stores and online.  It is a great toy to demonstrate and customers love its style, quality composition, and design.  There are a few other companies in this same category, such as WeVibe.  These luxury sex toys aren't just adult toys, they are works of art.  


Also, for a unique and entertaining take on the ancient treatments of Hysteria (which was genital masturbation performed only by doctors), enjoy this trailer from the 2011 movie, "Hysteria".




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