New Improved Teddy Love Bears For Adults

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New Improved Teddy Love Bears For Adults


So, you still have a childlike quality about you?  I guess that means you are taking your Teddy Love Bears to Bed with you.  Is your bed covered in teddy love bears when it is made?  Did you not ever give up your stuffed animal collection you kept as a kid and realized it has grown, even after you became an adult?  Well, it must be your lucky day!


Teddy Love is a new product that incorporates the teddy bear with the sex toy industry.  This bear is cuddly and soft, but the face has a nose and tongue that vibrates and there are ten speeds of vibrations to choose from.  Wendy Adams, the creator, explained how she got the idea to make Teddy Love.  Adams was under a blanket, cuddling a teddy bear when the nose swept against her nipple.  She was oddly turned on and thought how great it would be if it vibrated.  She was aroused and began masturbating with the hard nose of the bear.  When her husband came in, they finished the job of the bear, but then decided to design the perfect bear that was sure to please the teddy bear lover in any adult!


They went to an engineer and hired them to design the motor for their line of teddy love bears.  It led to Teddy Love and now they have a website that sells these bears.  It is unknown if they have plans to expand the animal kingdom, or if they are only going to stick to bears. 


Although the bear is really created for women, there have been men that have bragged on the end result and recommended it for either gender.  Teddy Love is not for kids and should not be used with or near children.  Teddy Love is an adult item that is made to please the teddy loving child within. 


Ok, I agree that it is a little strange … but no animals were hurt in the making of this toy. 🙂


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