Extra Credit: Find Your Parents SexToys & Take Selfies

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Extra Credit: Find Your Parents SexToys & Take Selfies

Not all my sex toy in the news stories are funny; so if you don't want to read a story that will make you say "ICK", you should skip this one!

I'm all for making jokes and saying things to make people laugh.  Even saying things that shock people can be ok because it gets them thinking.  But in today's time — in the new "War On Sex" that has been pushed upon us, the audience of those jokes and comments need to be considered.  Say something to the wrong group of people now and you are fired; possibly banned; and potentially charged as a sex offender.

Just ask the math teacher from Encinal High School in Alameda, California, who allegedly, as a joke, gave an extra credit assignment that ended his career:

The alleged assignment was to rifle through their parent's drawers, and other hiding places, looking for sextoys, condoms or other "private" items that the parents would be trying to keep away from their kids, and take selfies holding these items.

Although I can see how this could have been a statement made that was never intended to be acted upon, it was one that should have never been made.

For example, "… if you don't believe me, check your parents drawers.  Take selfies with whatever you find and I'll give you extra credit if you prove me wrong".  

We don't know what was said, and even students have taken to the internet to defend the teacher, stating that the entire selfies debacle was taken out of context.  

Parents weren't happy and demanded the teachers's immediate termination.  Even as a joke, why would a geometry teacher make such an offer?  If it was the sex ed class — well maybe, but even then I think parents would have had a fit. 

I don't know where I stand on the issue.  I remember years ago when teachers told students they should be on the look out for drugs (after an anti-drug presentation) and should turn-in any suspicious things they found.  The next day, a half dozen kids came to school with their parents crack pipes, marijuana stash, and other items.  Needless to say, the parents weren't happy about the police knocking on the door.  At least with the sextoys, they weren't breaking any laws!

PS:  The selfie phenomena crosses all ages, groups, nationalities.





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