Female Pubic Hair Implants Are Bringing The Bush Back

female pubic hair implants hair transplant

Pubic Hair is starting to be "in" again. Team Hairy Bush is back.  Women are beginning to let their pubic hair grow and get bushy again as it was in the 70's and 80's.  The pubic bush has returned, and contrary to what you read, not everyone is happy about it. In some Asian cultures, female pubic hair is regarded […]

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Should You Wax or Shave For Better Sexual Health

shave or wax coochy cream

There are two questions that most people consider in their battle with undesirable hair growth on their bodies: should they wax or shave. There is no end to the arguments in sight, both sides having their own reasons and their own very strongly voiced opinions in favor of one or the other. Both ways of removing hair are completely common but […]

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