Looking To Sponsor Community Events And Local Teams

LoveWorks has been an active community supporter since our first day, way back in 1991.  We have provided financial and other assistance to help our employees.  We have actively sought local organizations such and events to sponsor, such as food and gumbo cook-offs, Lake Charles Contraband Days, Mardi Gras events, and much more.

In the past, we were very active in sponsoring ladies and co-ed baseball and softball teams.  

We would still love more opportunities to sponsor and display our name on team t-shirts, advertising banners, and much more.

If you have an opportunity that would benefit all of us, please fill out our contact form and give us the chance to consider your organization or situation.  

Sorry, we cannot promise to reply to every opportunity submitted.  However, if we are interested, you will know it immediately!

Thanks for your support!

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