Triple Orgasm Erection & Sexual Enhancement

sexual enhancement triple orgasm erection enhancer sex toy

Triple Orgasm Erection & Sexual Enhancement Sex Toy

The Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer is for the very advanced vibrating cock ring user interested in true sexual enhancement. I recommend this exciting couples toy to customers who are huge "sex toy lovers", and know they are fans of the vibrating cock ring.

This vibrating cock ring comes with the actual cock ring itself, and two separate wireless bullets. It has a lot more going on than the typical cock ring, so it is a bit more bulky than others. It is about two inches wide and four and a half inches long. The Triple Orgasm is made of a very soft, pliable TPE material. It has a lot of give, and regardless of its size, it is fairly comfortable.

The Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer offers dual stimulation sexual enhancement. It has a place for clitoral stimulation, and anal ticklers. I will admit, anal ticklers are what the packaging calls it. The female may feel a bit of tickling, but not anything to write home about.  The anal tickler will rest at the base of the penis, near the testicles. This means it will stimulate the testicles more, which will increase pleasure for your partner. That itself makes it worth a try.

I have heard very few people complain about being disappointed in this sexual enhancement sex toy, because they thought the clitoral and anal ticklers were designed to penetrate. That is not the case. They are called ticklers. Vibration will be transferred through the material and offer a vibrated tickle. They are meant to be topical stimulators, and are not designed for penetration at all. Besides, I know I said it was bulky, but it certainly is not bulky enough to be penetrative.

sexual enhancement triple orgasm erection enhancer sex toy The clitoral and anal stimulators look like little bunny heads with their ears poking out (picture that visual in your head!). There is a small hole behind each of them that you slip the bullets into. These are smaller bullets than the average size because they are wireless, running off of three AG13 batteries, (commonly known as watch size batteries), but they still have decent power. The sexual enhancement cock ring comes with twelve batteries. So you get a set ready to use, and a back up set. Without a remote you do not have the possible distraction of being slapped with wires and remotes during intercourse. This is totally hands free. You insert the bullets into their proper locations, turn them on, and are ready to go.

I will always remind couples that the guy benefits from cock rings as well. They can be scary looking for a guy sometimes. Cock rings are meant to fit snug, but not be uncomfortable. If you can get a guy to start talking about wearing a cock ring nine times out of ten, they will tell you it makes them feel powerful. The reason is quite simple. The cock ring is placed at the base of the penis and once the blood starts flowing the ring will keep more of the blood flow in the penis area. This gives a much more fuller feeling erection. I like to say it keeps them at their full potential for longer, and that can be a very powerful feeling for any guy of any age.  Keeping them "fuller" and happier is the best sexual enhancement you can give!

Typically to get the full benefit of a vibrating cock ring you are limited to a a couple of positions like missionary or the girl on top. However sexual enhancement triple orgasm erection enhancer sex toy with the Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer it opens the door to more positions. The fact that the cockring has stimulators on top and at the base means that even in doggy style position, there is potential for clitoral stimulation – you may even get more out of the anal tickler like that. If you want a more deep position, you can do the one leg over the shoulder type of missionary, and benefit greatly from that as well. Just remember, heavy grinding is always recommended! 🙂

UPC:  #716770036629

Pros: Couples Toy

           More Full Erection

           Clitoral / Anal / Testicular Stimulation

          Comfortable TPE Material – Phthalate Free

          Hands Free /  Wireless Play

Cons: AG13 Batteries (Not a huge con)

            Material may rip over time, if you are rough when putting it on or taking it off.

            Not Waterproof


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sexual enhancement triple orgasm erection enhancer sex toy

sexual enhancement triple orgasm erection enhancer sex toy


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  • Aaron

    I have always been fond of using a cock ring. This one caught my curiosity and I had to try it. First off, this is very loud once it is turned on. The whole thing was a little bigger than what I had anticipated too. Which overall didn't fit as snuggly as I tought a cock ring was supposed to. However, that didn't stop me from using or enjoying it. Once you get going at what you are doing it has a tendancy to move or slant to the side making the vibrating parts of the ring not hit the right spots on yourself. Don't wear it if you are recieveing oral! All it does is get in the way. It's not a horrible product…but it's not the best. 

  • Bryan

    The triple orgasm erection thing was okay, I wasn't really floored from this product. Biggest issue really was the vibrator bullets. They are extremely loud and buzzy. This wont become a staple in the sex toys I already have though. The shape of the the cock ring was definitely more comfortable, but overall just bulky and hard to keep straight. It kept wanting to turn to one side, I guess from the bullets being so heavy. Personally I didn't have a great time with this. I would rather a regular non vibrating cock ring.

  • Martin

    It's noisey, and I mean loud! It's bulky. It's hard to keep straight. It wants to slant to the side once you get going during sex. The ring its self is alright. The material is soft and comfortable, but the ring doesn't really do what it is intended to do. I actually wore my normal non vibrating ring along with this one. I wear it to pleasure my wife, rather than myself.  The name says sexual enhancement but I don't think so.

  • Jackson

    I was not impressed with this vibrating cock ring at all. Even with the TV on and my wife making her usual noises, you can hear the bullets over everything. Imagine throwing a bullet in a metal bowl or pot..that is what it sounds like. The ring is also way too big and doesn't justify doing anything that a ring is suppose to do. I'm pretty well endowed, (or so I thought), and this was still way too big for me. I can't imagine how big you have to be to actually have this ring fit snug on you. Don't, I repeat don't wear it while getting oral because it gets in the way. I actually took it off and threw it across the room. Not worth it at all. Plus theres much better ones out there!

  • P.J.

    Didn't do anything for me. There was no tightness when it came to the ring. It slid around in every different direction, plus not to mention the damn bullets are so loud! If you are in a situation where you need to be really quiet, then DO NOT USE THIS. For the love of god do yourself a favor and get a different one. Don't be like me and end up pissed off or aggravated and end up throwing it away.

  • David

    Looks can be deceiving, and that is so true when it comes to this. I have about 4 or 5 different vibrating rings, and this by far was my least favorite. It's extremely loud and fits poorly. I actually couldnt believe it was as loud as what it is. It sounds like metal grinding on metal. Maybe its the batteries hitting the bullet? Who knows. The ring is super soft and thick. I'd say maybe up to an inch thick and waaaaay too big around. Rings are suppose to fit snug and this doesnt at all. I actually don't think it's long enough to reach where it is intended to vibrate on either. There are much better vibrating rings. (My personal favorite are the Climax Juicy Rings) If it came down to wearing this ring or nothing at all…I would pick nothing.

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