Chatty Nonsense is that drawer in the kitchen where you put random things that don’t have a home! Everyone has that kitchen drawer filled with random junk. Sometimes we write about things that just don’t fit anywhere, but we want to share them with our LoveWorks readers, so “chatty nonsense” is the place to put them. Welcome to our disorganized ramblings where we talk about the nonsense at the top of our minds.

Adult Wacky Races: The Vibrator Races!

wacky races vibrator races racing

While I was searching for something totally unrelated, I saw an image that caught my eye.  Of course, most any image about sex toys that I haven't seen before tends to set off that peripheral radar, and that is what happened yesterday. The image?  The wacky races contests of vibrator races!  At first, this had to be a joke.  But […]

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To Trinity Lutheran School of Racine Wisconsin

trinity lutheran sextoy

March 25, 2017 To:  Principal Pamela Amling, Trinity Lutheran, Racine To:  Pastor (or Reverend) David Gehne, Trinity Lutheran, Racine   THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. LoveWorks has been in the sexual wellness business for more than 25 years.  We continue to see the names and the descriptions of the products we sell and their acceptance become more and more mainstream, […]

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