Swiss Navy Lube: Best Sex Lube Or Not??

swiss navy lube best sex lube water-based

The next of the trials we performed to find the best sex lube was Swiss Navy Lube, an all natural water based lube.  Glycerin free, paraben free, made in the good ol’ US of A by MDScience.  The Swiss Navy lube has a very good reputation in the sex lube universe, and they have been around for a long time.  I […]

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Water Based Lube vs Silicone Lube

water based lube silicone lube

WATER BASED LUBE VERSUS SILICONE LUBE — THE ETERNAL QUESTION The question staff hear a gazillion times is "Should I buy a silicone lube or a water based lube"?  Although we are all happy to answer the question and talk about the differences, we can't answer it in five words or less.  It takes a little more detail to explain […]

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