Review: Cutey Wand Mini Vibrator

cutey wand mini vibrator by love works

A Mini Vibrator that Packs a Punch!

Cutey Wand White Mini Vibrator is one of the top sellers in my store. It is 4 inches long, and ridiculously adorable. A lot of women are drawn to it because of the gemstones on the bottom.

cutey wand mini vibrator by love works

It runs off of 3 LR44 batteries (includes 2 sets), and is quiet while running.

It has a turn dial at the bottom of the toy, and has the basic low-medium-high settings.

The Cutey Wand Mini Vibrator has a super flexible neck, so you are able to bend it just right to reach the spot you need. The Wand’s head is made out of body safe silicone, which means neither Phthalates nor any latex!

This is the type of mini vibrator.  I encourage women to buy if they have NEVER owned a toy that vibrates before. I suggest it mainly because it’s super affordable, adorable and not too powerful. I always discourage expensive purchases for a first time buyer.

For someone who has not experienced clitoral stimulation via vibration, it can be overwhelming and in some cases uncomfortable. So to be sure they find it pleasurable, I show them this little gem. Most, love it.

PS:  Remember the old saying, it isn't the size that matters!!

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  • Waterproof
  • Tip is made out of body safe silicone
  • Flexible Neck
  • Multi-speed
  • Phthalate and latex free
  • Batteries included (2 sets)
  • Low averge Price! Less than $20
  • 90 day warranty through Blush Novelties



  • I find it too tiny. Even with my super tiny gnome hands, I found it hard to hold onto.
  • Not meant for the experienced vibrator user (doesn’t offer strong vibration in my opinion)






Sex Toy Opinions



  • Jordan

    This toy was the first toy I have ever bought (I'm new to the whole toy thing)…But where has this been my whole life?? This is great for me personally. It's not too big or too small. It was great using by myself but during sex it was even better. The high setting is pretty intense for me (maybe I'm not use to anything vibrating yet) The only thing bad I had happen was a few of the rhinestones fell off after using it twice and the batteries didn't last long either. You can definitely tell when the batteries are going to die. It's also super easy to keep clean. I loved this and told all my friends to go out and get one.

  • Bonnie

    The best things do come in the smallest packages!! I thought there was no way this little thing was gonna do much for me…I was wrong. On the high setting the intensity is fantastic. The flexible kneck is great but I feel I might break it. The silicone finish was so soft and felt amazing. I love a good wand but most of the time they are bulky or they have a cord that gets in the way majority of the time. Since its little and cordless, its great for extra play during sex. Now, the only thing I would change is the batteries. Literally, the batteries do not last long at all. Other than that, I personally love this toy. I was not disappointed at all.

  • Cynthia

    I was completely happy with this toy. It was absolutely fantastic! The high setting will blow your hair back. For being so little, it has some kick to it. The flexible neck makes me feel like I will break it so easy though…Maybe thats just me. The batteries don't last for anything..which makes me sad that everytime I use it I have to replace them. But I still love it…no hard feelings! haha. You will be happy you bought this! 

  • Tessa

    This was given to me as a birthday present…and at first I was shocked someone had given me a sex toy as a present but once I used it I was so happy that they did. On high, this little vibrator is super powerful! I was totally impressed with this toy. Usually the bedazzled toys are pretty crappy, but this one was out of this world. My only complaint is of course the batteries as everyone else has said. They don't last long at all!! But I don't care though, I replace them all the time. I've had it for over a year now, and it is as powerful as it was on day one. It is number one in my book!

  • Tia

    For being so little it packs a huge punch! On high it will actually vibrate off a table or counter. So make sure it's off if you put it on your night stand. (Just speaking from personal experience) The bendable head kinda makes me cautious about how I use it. I get scared I might break it. I've had it for about 4 months now, and I haven't had any problem with it what so ever. Well, except the batteries. It eats through batteries like it's nothing. You will notice a huge power difference when the batteries start to run low. I've also had like one or two rhinestones fall off also, but I mean that's expected from something bedazzled. I've actually googled different ways to help make the batteries last longer. I pretty much buy them in bulk now. If you want something small, discreet, powerful and quiet, this is the one for you. You can't even hear it when it's on. You will be one very happy camper.

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