Review: Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Toy

The Sqweel 2 boasts on its packaging “The World’s Best Selling Oral Sex Toy”

A toy created to mimic cunnilingus, the Sqweel 2 oral sex toy launched hoping to give every woman the orgasm they’ve been waiting for from any sex toy. Unfortunately, I am here to tell you they failed miserably.

10 tongues rotating in a lapping motion over and over on this AAA(x3) powered oral sex toy left me ridiculously underwhelmed. As soon as the toy touched me, it immediately slowed down and began to drag (and it wasn’t flush against me). I felt next to nothing. If pushed against me to where I could feel it, it would almost stop completely.

I was looking forward to this oral sex toy rocking my world. $60-70 is a lot to pay for such disappointment.  I have since noticed that all reviews for this oral sex toy all mention the lack of power in the wheel, and how it slows down to a halt when pressed against the body.  I would have thought that since this is version 2, they would have improved the motor and functions, but they did not.

I do have hope however, if “The Worlds Best Selling Oral Sex Toy” is even remotely true, it means there is a demographic out there wanting such a product(LIKE ME!). Here is to the wish that someone jumps on it and gives us something to really “Sqweel” about.


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oral sex toy squeel adult toys from LoveWorks PROS-

  • It’s a desired and unique idea.
  • Literally, that’s it.


  • Slow Motor
  • Loud
  • Bulky
  • Overpriced for the disappointment




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  • Nae Nae

    Such a disappointment. This was almost painful to use. I reccomend lots of lube, and even then the "tongues" may not move. The idea is a great one, but it just flat out shouldn't exist.

  • Ginger

    This was pretty much the worst expensive toy I have ever bought. As soon as you hold it against you the power drops drastically and the spinning wheel is horrible. Its very noisy also. I didn't even use it to where I would climax. It pissed me off more than giving me pleasure. I wouldn't recommend this toy to anyone. I have more pleasure and sensation from my own hand. Such a waste of time.

  • Deena

    This toy sucks. Don't waste your time, money or effort on it. I can't believe this toy is so expensive and it doesn't even do what it says it does. If you want oral just find someone to give it to you, because this thing sure as hell won't. I have never been so mad at a toy before in my life…I didn't even think I would ever be mad at a sex toy honestly lol. It doesn't vibrate well, it automatically stops once there is any pressure applied to it and its bulky and weird to hold. I wish i could say I had something positive to say about this…but I would be lying.

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