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Sensuelle at LoveWorks Rechargeable bullet vibrator sex toy

Sensuelle Point 20-function Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Sex Toy

Sensuelle boasts this rechargeable bullet vibrator toy as being the “New breed on what bullets will be” and I cannot agree more!  It is available in Black, Pink, Purple & Chrome.  Still one of the best selling bullets we sell!

We have all started with the basic “silver bullet”, with the 2 AA's and a cord maybe 6-8 inches long. Now don't get me wrong, it got the job done but it left a lot to be desired.

Navigation around cords is frustrating enough, but adding in the worry of battery life just left me more exhausted from the hassle than anything!

That is why I was so intrigued with this rechargeable bullet vibrator launched.

Here are some quick break downs on this particular bullet vibrator:

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•  Twice dipped in silicone– Great for friction, plastic or rubber bullet vibrators sex toys become slippery and hard to control. Extremely hygienic. (For those who do not know, silicone is MUCH safer than your standard TPR or plastic. It will absorb bacteria at a much slower rate, leaving you and your toy to have a long lasting relationship. )


•  Forget batteries! (or stealing them from remotes/game controllers-we've all been there)

This bullet vibrator has a recharging station. Sensuelle includes all that is necessary to keep your toy ready. There are two magnetic pinpoints on the bottom of the bullet that align to the metal pinpoints in the charger. A USB cord attaches to the charger and then into a port you plug in. (Much like your cell phone) Obviously you can charge this in USB as well. Once plugged in, the light on the front of the charger will begin to flash from red to green. Stopping once it is fully charged. I'm told it is supposed to be green when fully charged, but mine stays on red. * Shrug *  Typically one full charge will last me a week, using 3-4 times around 45 minutes or so each session.


•  Warranty– All Sensuelle products are backed with a one year warranty. This covers manufacturer defects only, not typical wear and tear. They will repair/replace your toy. You cover the cost of shipping to them, they cover it back. Not too shabby I'd say.


•  Wireless– It's been my personal experience that most wireless bullet vibrators lack the power of those with wires. This being because most come with smaller batteries (typically LR44's) thus limiting your playtime drastically. The Sensuelle Point is completely wireless, and has all the power (if not more so) than some of the higher end vibrators I sell/have owned. The convenience of moving to any position without the hassle of a wire, is priceless.


•  Waterproof– Lots of products like to throw that snazzy WATERPROOF label onto their products, but in fact they are only water RESISTANT. The Sensuelle Point rechargeable bullet vibrator is fully submersible up to 4 feet.


•  20 Functions- On the bottom of the toy the push start takes you through 20 different waves of vibration. All of them are enjoyable, but the first 3 are my personal favorites. Low, Medium and High. This is constant vibration, compared to the others that are more of a stop-go stop-go pulsation. The power of each vary, but even the weakest of any of these 20 are better than the highest of the basic silver bullet. All the while, being the most silent vibrator I have ever owned.




•  The bottom push button start has a flashing LED light to show you the pattern you are currently on. In a dark room, it looks like I'm throwing a rave. Kind of distracting.


•  The Chrome version of the Point is not silicone dipped, but a shiny plastic. Therefore eliminating the perk of friction that is helpful on slippery when wet surfaces.

Rechargeable bullet vibrator sex toy


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  • Chrissy

    My hubby brought this home one night and I am beyond happy that he did! This is literally the best toy I have ever owned in my life! I have a high resitance to climaxing fast, but this toy changed the game entirely. I never have to worry about batteries again and the outside of the toy is very comfortable. The functions are fantastic, each one got better and better. Cleaning is a breeze, so is charging (battery life with one single charge lasted me almost 5 days) I don't think i have one bad thing to say about this product other than if you don't have one you are definitely missing out!!

  • Dawn

    This bullet is soooo powerful, yet so small and discreet. Don't be fooled by its appearance…It will rattle your teeth! The first time I tried it, I'm pretty sure I wet the bed…or maybe something else happened?…still not quite sure. I'm between boyfriends right now, and this bullet makes me not really care if I ever get another boyfriend again. It being rechargeable is a real bonus! I discovered that the pulsing setting is surprisingly enjoyable. I mean there is 20 different settings to choose from, so who can have only one favorite??  Be careful with it going full blast on high. Its vibration is so intense, especially when fully-charged. You will go numb from the intensity. It is also fairly quiet. It is certainly the most enjoyable item in my "toy box". This has really raised the bar for sex-toys, in my opinion! I will recommend it to anyone!

  • Sheela

    Until you have used sensuelle, you really don't know what you are missing out on. It's pretty much the strongest sextoy I have ever owned in my entire life. I never have to worry about batteries or a wire getting in the way ever again. The charger cord is super long so there is no worry about having to deal with a really short one. The outside of this super bullet vibrator toy is super soft and feels amazing. The battery life lasts a good amount of time. The year warranty comes in handy just in case something happens to it. My only downside is at times it tends to get a bit noisy and loud from how intense it is. That is it! Just one thing I have to complain about. Best bullet I have ever bought. This is the vibrator to own!

  • Carrie B.

    Hold onto your horses, everyone, cause this little rechargeable bullet vibrator will blow you away. I could not believe the power contained in this 3-inch bullet vibrator. My bathtime routine has changed completely now that I have the Point, becuase it's waterproof and submersible! I love that it's rechargable so I can leave it charging while I'm at work all day and then come home knowing I don't have to bother with pesky batteries. The material is SO smooth, most of the time I don't even need lube to get the party started. The vibrations are intense to say the least, and there's so many different pulsations it's hard to choose which one I like best! Besides using it for intimate areas, the point on the end of the toy is actually very good at massaging out knots in my back and neck. All-around, this is definitely a great investment for someone who is tired of buying batteries for toys that die out on you every few months.. I've had mine for almost a year with no trouble! Do yourself a favor and buy a sensuelle point bullet vibrator, you will not regret it.

  • Lila

    It gets the job done every single time I use it. I love that it is rechargeable. I never have to steal my tv remote batteries! The 20 different functions leave you wanting more to discover which one feels better than the other. On high I can barely tolerate it. Its so intense, especially when fully-charged. I go numb after a while if I use it for a good bit. At first it was really quiet, but after some usage it is a bit on the loud side now. The durability seems to be holding up though. The quality in this toy is perfect. This has changed the game for sex-toys. If you ask me, it comes highly recommended. I've already told all my girlfriends about it. If you have a goy in your life, put it on his balls during oral. You won't regret it and it will make his toes curl!

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