Review: Naughty Secrets 7in Velvet Desire Pink Vibrator

NaughtySecretsVelvetDesire 7" vibrator sextoy

Naughty Secret's 7" Velvet Desire Pink Vibrator is one of my favorite recommendations to make when someone says it is their first time buying a pink vibrator, however, I recommend it for everyone's collection. The name itself describes a lot of the toy. It is 7", with a very velvety, smooth finish.

The finish itself is something worth talking about. Vibrations transfer incredibly well through a harder surface, here they managed to create that hard surface, but with such a smooth finish it is comfortable.

Velvet Desire pink vibrator can be used for penetration, or clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation seems to be a fan favorite for this product, because it does not have any cords, and is long enough to use this pink vibrator comfortably while on your back.

Sometimes a girl appreciates a little extra stimulation with a pink vibrator during oral, and inserting this while your partner is, "going to town, downtown" is perfect. It is thin enough to not get in the way as it can easily tuck under their chin.

Pros: Comfortable finish

           Decent power

           On the quieter side

           Body safe material

           Totally affordable! Less than $25.00

Cons: Says waterproof, but does best in the shower with a couple drops hitting it, not to be completely submerged

UPC:  782421634612


pink vibrator NaughtySecretsVelvetDesire1 pink vibrator Naughty Secrets Velvet Desire Vibrator


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  • Marylin

    I bought this toy a while back and I was happy with it. The material on the outside was incredibly comfortable and felt amazing. I am use to using hard plastic finished toys and this opened my eyes to an entire new line of toys to choose from.  I wish it vibrated harder, but it is not that bad as is. If i feel the intensity isn't what I am looking for at that time, I add my bullet with it and trust me…It works. Clean up is very simple. Overall this was one of the best toys I have bought in a while. I was very "pleased" with it.

  • Kara

    This is an excellent beginner vibrator.  Its simple design makes it easy use by yourself or with a partner with a basic dial to increase the speed of vibration.  The size is non-intimidating for those guys who dont want their woman using a toy more endowed than they are.  I like that its made with a very soft velvety coating. 

  • Toni

    Lots of fun, very smooth feel, and it's strong. My new favorite toy! I would recommend highly for beginners. It's not loud, but its also not very quiet. At times it rattles the batteries inside of it. Personally, I think this vibrator is better for clitoral play than insertion. I have had to buy two of them with in 6 months time though. The first one didn't last too long. It's totally worth it though! You may just fall in love with it.

  • Cindy

    Excellent power on this toy. This brand consistently delivers on their products. It's all that I need to get the job done. Fairly quiet so it can be used discreetly. I actually dropped it and had to replace it. However, the price makes it an easy replaceable toy for the price. This little wonder is great everywhere, including a little bath time fun! The vibration speed can be quite intense. I'd say it's a must have!

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