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Maia Porpora D1 Silicone Dildo – Neon purple  (Can be used as a Strapon Dildo)

The Maia Porpora Silicone Dildo (newly repackaged and named Maia Riley) is a 7.5 inch silicone dildo with a flared base. I was first drawn to this particular product because of the colors they offer. Maia believes color directly influences your mood, so they picked the most attractive. Maia offers all their toys in Purple, Hot Pink, Yellow, and Bright Blue.

D1 offers a flared base/suction cup so you can attach to any surface and makes it completely strapon harness compatible!

The D1 is an extremely firm silicone dildo, with a swirled shaft and upturned tip for Gspot stimulation. It’s ergonomic design is perfect for stimulating all the right places, and believe me when I say….IT DOES! The length, the width, the curves are absolute perfection. The first 4 inches are all I need to push me right where I need it to be. That being because the first 4 inches are where the swirls are, that force your vaginal muscles to expand and contract, and giving you the greatest friction possible.

The D1 is 7.5 inches, and if you want all 7.5, take it I say! I just find the most stimulation in the sections with the swirls. J

Note:The toy seems a lot bigger in the pictures than I feel it really is. I have super tiny hands.

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Strapon dildo silicone dildo by Maia


Strapon dildo silicone dildo by MaiaPROS:

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone Dildo (That means it’s made of a body safe material that will absorb bacteria much slower than other materials. Making it more sanitary and it increases the lifespan of your toy!)
  • Waterproof-Being that it is made from Silicone, it’s safe for all your water fun times!
  • Great pricing!
  • Flared base for strapon Harness compatible
  • Ergonomic design curves with the contours of the vagina.



  • 100% Silicone is not really a pliable/soft material. If you’re looking for something real or life like feeling, this silicone dildo is not for you.


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  • Lauren

    this was great!

  • Fiona

    The silicone was really smooth. The color was exactly as shown and gorgeous. Even the packaging was nice. What is even better is the suction cup base! Can we say hands free! The curves feel amazing and they toy its self is nice and sturdy. With a few sprays of toy cleaner it was so easy to clean. This is by far my favorite dildo I have purchased.

  • Frankie

    I bought this toy for my girlfriend not too long ago and she loved it. I have never seen her enjoy a dildo so much in my life. The first thing I thought was the color…it is very vibrant and its her favorite color. The second was the shape. The shape is really what made me buy it. Once i took it out of the package, it was very soft and I didn't even know it had a suction cup base until I got it home. Watching her go to town on it made my night. She also said after using lube and finishing on it clean up was really easy and it still had the soft feel to it. Boy am I happy I got this. I have a show every night!

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