Review: Magic Wand Vibrator Original (aka Hitachi Magic Wand)

magic-wand also known as hitachi magic wand

One of my best sellers is the Magic Wand Vibrator Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand. Several people reading this review are going to have already heard of it from someone or from somewhere. It is very well known, and has been around for what seems like forever. It also happens to be the toy I reach for the most often for a quick solo session!

The Magic Wand Vibrator is no joke! To simply put it, this is one high powered beast for sexual play. It is longer than a foot long, with a round head, a cord that plugs into the wall, and to be honest, it is kind of heavy. Just holding this non-sexy toy makes you feel powerful.

The magic wand vibrator head can only be compared to the size of a tennis ball, certainly NOT designed for penetration of any sorts. It also has a flexible neck, which makes it easier to reach the right spot, but it isn't too flexible, that it is going to snap, or have any wires that will eventually, over time, become exposed.  You can use it for clitoral stimulation, and it will get the job done super quick. It only has two speeds low and high, or as I like to say high and turbo!  

It is so powerful that I don't like to refer to it as a "toy".  It is more like a toy that Harley-Davidson would make, complete with kick-starter.

But I never recommend the Magic Wand vibrator to a beginner, NEVER! I have a lot of younger adults come in and want one because they have seen it used in an adult flick, and they like what they have seen. It will almost always be too intense. A very common complaint is that after just a few minutes they go numb from the intensity of the vibration, then are left feeling a bit unsatisfied.

Any attempt made immediately after this at pleasuring yourself, will be in vain. You would need to wait for the numbness to go away, and that kills the mood sometimes, so you might be stuck waiting for the numbness to go away … or just resort to anal sex for a while!  

The packaging recommends not using it for longer than 25 minutes, but you will go numb long before that. If you find yourself in this situation I recommend getting an attachment that appeals to you. They make a few different styles, and it will help to lessen the intensity.

Some of the attachments we sell:  magic wand G-spot attachment;  the Tantric Tongue oral sex attachment, the really wild-looking double rabbit, and the two finger pleasure pointer attachment.  The attachments are great, because they can redirect the strong vibrations inside your vagina, as well as being so strong, that you will still fell it on the clitoris.  

However for the more experienced, this can be perfect, or very experienced toy users. If you find yourself suddenly having a difficult time climaxing, and have tried many, many other options, I say come in and try this one. If you find yourself bored with your current toy collection, the power of more common vibrators are not working for you anymore, I say try this.

So many women love using this earth-shattering toy during sex with their partner. They hold it on themselves during penetration, and love the feelings it adds — but also complain that it heavy and large.  It has a bit of give at the neck, which I mentioned earlier was a bit more flexible, but it still has quite a bit of a handle. There would have to be some distance between the two in order to make this work properly.

It is not the best choice for clitoral stimulation during intimate face to face sex, but it makes one heck of a good time when you aren't interested in that (visual aid:  think "doggie style").

When using it, it can be sort of limiting because it is powered by a cord that plugs into the wall. The cord is a decent length at about 6 feet long, however that is not as long as you think it may be. It will limit you to a space near a plug. If with a partner  you will want enough "give" to not have it pulling between y'all.  And heaven forbid, you would never want it to come unplugged when you needed it most!

(Of course, as I write this I remember seeing today's sale paper for the Home Depot.  30 foot heavy duty extension cords were on sale.  That would let me get all over the room!)  ūüôā

The Magic Wand Vibrator Original is not just a "sex toy" — it makes for the perfect deep tissue massage. If you get stress knots, tight shoulders, or tense achy muscles, this massager is fantastic. Again, you do not want to use it in a single spot for more than 25 minutes, but it will certainly do its job. After a long day I'll go to use it on my shoulders, but somehow I always end up fully satisfied. ūüėČ Partner massages are highly recommended. it'll save your hands from aching five minutes into the massage.

The last thing I need to let everyone know about is the noise level. It is loud!  If you are trying to be discreet in any way – this is not the vibrator. The noise level of this thing can easily be heard in a room next to you, or maybe even through the walls of an apartment — which might be perfectly ok for some!  

I'm happy as long as it doesn't start dimming the lights and the neighbors start beating on the walls.

UPC:  #896909001916

Pros:  Effective

           Durable (I've had mine nearly 5 years, and it is still going strong!)

           Couple or single use

           Massage or sexual play

           Attachments are available separately

Cons: Cords are annoying – especially ones that need to be plugged in.

             The Intensity is NOT for everyone:   – according to the package anyone who is pregnant, has a pacemaker, diabetes, phlebitis, &/or thrombosis should not use it as it can increase blood clots.

             Not waterproof in any way



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  • Michelle

    I was fed up with the toys I have bought in the past not being powerful enough. So I did some research and stumbled upon this bad boy. Personally, I love the cord. I never have to worry about using batteries again and the power is always the same. No more disappointment or frustration ever again. Although, I would like it more if there was a third setting that actually started off on low. The low on this toy is more like high and the high is more like "i never want to feel my vagina again" setting. I have never used this during an intimate time with my hubby, so I can't really comment on that part. I have to hide this toy at the top of my closet to keep it out of site because of how big it is. I will agree that it is loud also. Personally I don't care how it looks or sounds. If i can climax with in 1 to 2 minutes then thats all that matters. I have seen the attachments online and I am in the process of getting a couple of them to have different sensations (i am looking forward to a gspot climax from this) It is also very very easy to keep clean and sanitized. Do yourself a favor and get one of these asap. You don't know what you are missing!

  • Penelope

    First off….Low Setting = High, High Setting = Is this even possible?! After 5 to 10 minutes of use I will go numb. I can't even use the high setting yet. I still want my vagina..This is a very sturdy and long lasting toy. I have had it for over a year now and it is just as powerful as the day I brought it home. I am a single woman, with this I don't need a man! It gets the job done in less than 5 minutes. Who can beat that? haha. I have also discovered the attachments you can add to the head for penetration. So it gets even better!  Clean up is self explanitory and easy. If you are super sensitive this is not the toy for you at all. I'm just saying, it will be way too intense for you.

  • Vin

    Works like a charm! Very intense and strong. Her back has never felt better, and by back, I mean her vagina. (I had to make a funny) In all seriousness, we both enjoyed this toy. We even really used it on our backs too. We've owned this for a few months now and it still works great. I used to think it got hot to the touch, but now I think it's from the vibrations in the handle making your hands go numb. We used it during sex a few times and this thing will vibrate your soul loose. I find it hard to believe if there is anything else that is stronger than this. I would highly recommended this to anyone who is use to high intense sextoys. NOT FOR BEGINNERS AT ALL.

  • Wanda

    I CAN'T PUT THIS THING DOWN! The product is exactly as described. It's definitely the real Magic Wand. At it's highest level, the vibrations are insanely intense! Not to mention even on low it is crazy strong. The cord unfortionately is only about a foot and a half long. Which means that in order to use it you have to be pretty close to an outlet. It left me beoynd satisfied though. Before I actually bought it I was pretty skeptical of getting it. Even after reading reviews and "researching". Once I plugged it in I actually asked myself why I waited so long to get it! Less than a minute later after plugging it in, I had already climaxed! It felt so good that it made me want to cry. Bottom line: If you don't get this you're missing out.

  • Destiny

    An orgasm is pretty much guaranteed every time when it comes to this toy. I have to say that this is one of the BEST purchases you can make for keeping a happy sex life. Plus there's all the attachments you can buy for this thing to add penetration too. While this vibrator is not quite as versatile or discrete as smaller versions, it is VERY quiet. The head also bends slightly, which I'm not used to, but is a nice feature. I also like that this model is strong enough to double as a personal body massager as well as a vibrator. The vibrations are very powerful. I've used it on high and I can't take it for very long. It's such a nice change from my old vibrator. It took literally forever to have an orgasm. I find the cord can get in the way sometimes. Eespecially if you're using it with a partner, but that is the price we pay for never needing batteries! I also think the cord could be like 2 or 3 feet longer. (I suppose this could be solved with the use of an extension cord.) Other than that I am very happy with the outcome!

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