Review: JimmyJane Form 5

jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult sex toys store

The Jimmy Jane Form 5 gives me mixed feelings. My original thought was to use it for for clitoral stimulation, which left me a little unsatisfied to be honest. It had decent power, but  it is frustrating to get in just the right place.

It looks sililar to a tulip. The little lips at the top of the tulip are design to flutter at the same rate of a hummingbird's wings, which is pretty awesome! I however like a much more direct contact, which can still be achieved by moving the lips out of the way and using the "pleasure dome" located at the top, but inside the lips. It is made of a super soft, pliable, and comfortable silicone, so they move easily, just for my body it was a bit more work than I wanted for a quick get off before work.

However, I am no quitter, and found it is perfect for a couples toy. Because the material is gentle it can easily stroke a penis, the lips and pleasure dome will wrap perfectly around the head of a penis, for even more direct contact. I also use it on my throat to transfer vibrations during oral. This product is also completely waterproof.

I wouldn't recommend this toy for solo play, but only because of the cost. I will say it is worth it for a couples toy.

jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store

UPC:  852991004853

Pros: Body safe & comfortable material – Silicone

           Rechargable – no batteries required – holds a 4 hour charge

            3 year limited warranty

           Fairly quiet

           Waterproof – actually submersible in water

            Easy to use controls with 5 speed and 4 pulses

Cons: Not my favorite for solo play

            Price – pricey, but quality.

jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store







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  • Rosa

    My hubby and myself are very familiar with the Jimmyjane line of toys. This has to be one of the best Jimmyjane products by far. This toy can actually be used for him and for her. The day my hubby brought it home I couldn't wait to use it! I have to say, we had so much fun. The best part about it is that there is no one way to use it. Let your imagination take over. I guarantee that whatever you do, you/your partner will enjoy it. It is very quiet. The silicone outside is absolutely perfect and comfortable. The battery life is more than excellent. One of the best toys we have purchased in a while. Highly recommended in our book!!

  • Heather

    This was actually a huge surprise for me. My boyfriend brought this home one night from being out of town for work, and at first I had no idea that it was a vibrator. I didn't know what the heck it was! My first thought holding it was that it is very smooth and soft. Once I turned it on and felt it, I went WOW. Now fast forward to using it….It is so quiet you don't even know it is on. I love the fact that it "cups" your whole vagina. Talk about a new sensation…It is so powerful and hits every spot. Not only was it amazing, but it made me climax in less than 10 minutes…that is definitely something new. I even used it on my boyfriend when I gave him oral. It "cups" his balls too. It is very versitile. We absolutely loved it. What an awesome toy!

  • Leah

    It was a little awkward at first because I've never used anything like this before. I wasn't quite sure how to use it, but once I figured it out it blew my mind. One downside is that it blocks all attempts to try to use penetration along with this. It almost fully covers my vagina. As long as the intensity of the vibrations does it's job, it's not that big of a problem for me. It hasn't failed me at all since I've had it. The material is very nice. It's almost like a soft feeling to the touch. It feels amazing on the downstairs area. There's no tugging, pulling or chafing either. The battery life is also a great perk. It lasts me a good while of play time. All in all, I have really enjoyed this toy and I am looking into collecting the full set of jimmyjane toys.

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