Review: Endless Pleasure – The Rabbit Vibrator

The Waterproof Endless Pleasure – The Rabbit Vibrator was named perfectly. I always get very excited when I discuss this product, it just does not disappoint. It is like most multi-function toys in the sense that it offers penetration and clitoral stimulation, but it also thrust. It doesn't just have the beads inside that thrust like other products, but the entire shaft of the rabbit vibrator thrusts!

I have heard people who look at it and are disappointed that by the looks it only offers one row of beads, however that one row of beads spins and moves up and down with the thrusting of the toy as well, so you do get the full 3-5 row of beads feel with the rabbit vibrator.  I tell them that looks can be deceiving, and show them one of the worst looking toys in the store — which happens to outsell everything that looks "nicer"!

LoveWorks Endless Pleasure the rabbit vibrator

It has a humming bird that offers the clitoral stimulation at intense speed and power you can adjust. You also have some intensity options I discovered on my own. With insertion the beak will be what hits the clitorus, which is amazing, but you can also easily put a finger on the bird and push it down. When you do this it causes the wings to cover your entire vagina, and the body will be directly againts your "good girl spot", which is where the bullet in the rabbit vibrator is directly located. It is amazing, trust me!

UPC:  #716770054340

Pros: It is perfect for solo play, or if someone wants to watch

           The thrusting does not dull with penetration

           The beads offer internal satisfaction

           8 variations of thrusting speeds

           3 functions of vibration & pulses

           Soft unscented TPR material

Cons: Waterproof in this case means the shower, not actually submerged


the Rabbit vibrator Endless Pleasure


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  • Kara

    Forget the rabbits – this hummingbird is where its at!!  It has super spped to its vibrations.  I love that you can control the hummingbird, the thrusting and the vibrations all seperate or simultaniously.  When they say multi-function they mean it.  This toy is great and I would highly recommend it.

  • Bianca

    I have never been aboard the rabbit train before. I purchased this toy curious as to what all the hype was about…well in my honest opinion, the quality and performance from this toy is outstanding. The multi-vibration intensities that I felt at one time sent me over the edge faster than you can snap your fingers! The thrusting doesn't stop while it is inserted. That is something  you don't see in a lot of toys. It's also very soft and very easy to keep clean. The motors however are loud, but I heard from a few people that rabbit toys are notorious for having a loudish motor. I have had this particular toy for almost a year now and it works just as good as what it did from day one. You won't be disappointed! 

  • Bridget

    This wasn't anything spectacular for me. There was nothing that stood out about it that made me go WOW or OMG. The power wasn't as intense as I had expected it to be. (It couldve been my batteries though) I usually use a bullet so this was a new experience. I noticed when I had opened the package it had a wierd plastic smell to it. It almost smelled like a skunk. So I used my toy cleaner and cleaned it like 3 times before I used it. The smell eventually went away. I haven't had a problem with it since then. Maybe this crazy heat with the weather in Texas affected it. Once I had my orgasm the thrusting part stopped also. I've heard and read that it is very common in rabbit toys.  I'm stuck in the middle of this being a good buy or not. I'll have to continue using it and find out myself.

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