Review: Climax Silicone Vibrating Bum Beads

anal beads Climax Silicone Vibrating Bum Beads

Silicone Bum Beads:  Your Bum Will Thank You!

Climax Silicone Vibrating Bum Beads butt plug (blue) is great for a beginner or intermediate anal play user. It is brightly colored and attractive to the eye, sturdy, and really designed for comfort. It is a win in my book, that is for sure!

The comfort level of using this toy is certainly worth talking about. One of the most important things to consider when talking about comfort is what the product is made out of. This one happens to be made from silicone, one of my favorite materials. Silicone is smooth, non-porous (ideal for anal play), body friendly, easy to clean, and vibration travels easily through the material. Being made of silicone gives it more stability. I have discovered that stability is key for easy anal play.

You can easily guide the bum beads into yourself, as opposed to having to feed each individual bead in or trying to cram a more flimsy material into your bum. Another comfort design are the bum beads, they start off small about .75" and gradually get larger to about 1.3". This taper design is certainly desired for more easy insertion. It also stays in place fairly well. Anyone who has used vibrating anal toys knows that they sometimes slip out during intercourse. I'm not saying that won't happen, but it happens, less often and not as easily.

Personally, I have noticed it staying best when inserted just above the last bead. There is a slight indention or groove between each size bead to help it stay in place.  There is also a handle located at the bottom for easy removal. No retrieving issues here!

The vibration is powered by a bullet inserted into the base of the toy with a convenient one touch button that controls the power. There is only one speed, but it's one that counts. It is whisper quiet as well. Once you turn it on you can barely hear it! The Bum Beads do take that 'assumed' annoying size battery everyone is scared of for some reason (watch battery size AG13) but they are more available than most people realize.

A set of batteries is included in the purchase as well. A quick tip to help keep these batteries longer lasting is to actually remove them after each use, or keep the plastic barrier that comes with it and put it back after each use. The plastic barrier I am referring to is a small, paper thin, plastic circle located underneath the cap you unscrew to get to the battery compartment.  By separating the direct connection between the battery and the toy, the batteries tend to last WAY longer.

All in all this is an excellent product. Like I mentioned earlier it is great for anal during vaginal intercourse with a partner, you can use it by yourself, and some women have even told me they use it for vaginal use and / or clitoral stimulation. Anal stimulation plus any other kind of stimulation nearly always equals a win. 🙂

Pros:  Made of a body safe material – silicone


           Phthalate free

           Good vibration

          Comfortable design


Cons:  Battery type required

            Only one speed


          ***Just a friendly reminder about silicone, you never want to use a silicone based lubricant with a silicone toy. They cause a kind of chemical reaction, that will make it appear your toy has almost melted, it ruins your toy. It may not happen immediately, but will eventually. This also means do not store a silicone toy touching another silicone toy. The same thing will happen.

Climax Silicone Vibrating Bum Beads


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  • Katrina

    This product has been my favorite anal plug/beads I have ever bought. It vibrates at the perfect speed. It's not too intense to where your teeth are going to chatter, and it's not low enough to where you don't feel anything. Although because it takes the watch batteries, the battery life doesn't last long at all. I have to change the batteries every other time I use it. I am going to try what she stated above to remove the batteries as it is in storage to see if that will help with the battery life. This is a very multifunctional toy. I use it for any and everything. It's more like three toys instead of only one. The handle on the end is great, you can actually keep a grip on it. I was told to also use toy cleaner when cleaning it, versus soap and water. I have done so and it looks and feels the same as the first day I brought it home. I have recommended this toy to a few of my friends already. Get ready to have a great pleasurable experience.  

  • Ellie

    This is like three or four different toys in one… The different ways you can use this really impressed me. The battery life sucks though.  I will have to start taking the batteries out while I'm not using it.  The intensity of the vibrations are at the perfect level.  Its not too strong and its not too weak.  The handle is fantastic! I don't see how someone wouldn't like this product.  I am beyond satisfied with my purchase.  Definitely two thumbs up in my book! 

  • Keith

    I got this for my wife and she absolutely loved it! It only has one setting and the button is pretty easy to turn on or off. The silicone mateial on the outside is very soft and she said it was comfortable. It was easy to clean, and easy to get any lube off of it. The only thing that I/we didn't like are the batteries. It takes those small button size batteries, which do not last long at all. Make sure you remove the piece of paper in the battery compartment…it won't work until you remove the paper. My wife also loved the color and the shape of the toy. It is very inexpensive and extremely quiet. Could it get any better than that?

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