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The Black Rose Anal Plug is a very smooth product. I have attempted to use the medium size, which is super cute being 4" all black with a violet crystal gem at the base, and made of all glass.

However I say atempted, because that was exactly all it was. At that time my partner was really into anal plug play, I agreed when we came across this super cute butt plug. I mean what girl can say no to a shiny anal plug? Anyways, the medium is not a size for beginners, or even someone experienced with occasional anal play and anal plug. (In the manufactors defense it say "for advance play" on the packaging – I just wasn't as advanced as I thought.)

black rose anal plug sex toy plug

I am a huge fan of glass products simply because they are the most hygenic. Glass does not harbor bacteria, is completely body safe, can easily be cleaned, can be warmed with hot water, or cooled in a refrigerator for a few minutes, but I did not take into account the most important thing, it has no give!

This product does come in a smaller size, which I would completely recommend starting with, no matter how advanced you think you are. The smoothness is comfortable and possibility for temperature anal play is a great way to spice up the love life.

UPC:  782421022846


Pros: It is super anal plug

           You get all the benefits from it being made of glass.

            It does come in different sizes.


Cons: Medium/Advance is relative to your personal prefrence and can be misleading on packaging.

            Glass anal toys do not have any give for adjusting to your body.            







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  • Theresa

    First off with this plug, online and in person, it is two totally different things. I went with the medium plug size because the small looked well..way too small. Well, not thinking before I bought it, the realization that this toy is glass and not silicone didn't cross my mind until I was holding it in my hands. Getting the plug in was not the problem…it was taking it out. It doesn't really go with the curves of your body down there and lets just say, you definitely know you have a plug in your bum. Other than that it was easy to clean and its super pretty and adorable. If you are interested in getting a glass plug I would personally recommend starting off with the small and working your way up. This is a "special occasion" toy for my hubby. I couldn't get rid of something so pretty. Either way I am still going to use it. It may not be everyday but I will still enjoy it every now and then. I have since bought the small plug and it is 100% better and easy to get use to. Thumbs up in my book. 

  • Nevaeh

    This plug was absolutely perfect. The color, size, jewel on the end…it is gorgeous to look at and even better to feel. By far my favorite plug I have ever bought. I knew it was going to be big but bigger is better…am I right?? Of course lol. Although, if you aren't experienced in anal or use to using glass toys/plugs I would suggest starting on the smallest size first. I love playing around with the cold and the warm. Glass toys always have their perks while using them. I am so happy with this toy I can not express it in greater detail, other than you will have to try it out yourself. Take it from me…you will love it.

  • Hunter

    This was the perfect size butplug for my girlfriend. She absolutely loved it. We have always been fond of glass toys, but this has got to be the best glass toy we have ever gotten. There's not one thing she doesn't like about it. This is now her "go to" plug almost everytime anal comes up. We haven't had any problems with it at all. Even clean up is easy and simple. We are working on completing the set so we can have all of them. Don't pass this plug up!

  • Snow

    I bought this anal plug because it had a gem on the base and I thought it was cute. I also thought I would be able to handle a “medium” size. I just was not as advanced as I thought. It is made of glass and my spur of the moment self didn't think that it has no give to adjust to my body. It was ridiculously easy to clean, and adorable, just bigger than I had originally thought. That was my mistake, and the anal plug toy was in excellent condition. Just make sure you get the toy that is right for you.

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