Review: Best Bullet Vibrator – Ahh Vibe-Pink 

ahh vibe from loveworks best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks sex toys

Ahh Vibe – Our Best Bullet Vibrator

Ahh Vibe is one of the best-selling bullets in my store, and is considered to be our best bullet vibrator – for a variety of reasons. This vibrator is offered in 4 different colors- White, Purple, Pink, and Teal. 

I consider it a step above the normal bullet for a few reasons, starting with the fact it has 10 functions! (Picture included of patterns) I personally have always been the low-medium-high girl, and never had a need for functions, but the ones on this bullet are definitely unique and add to its claim to be the best bullet vibrator.  

The bullet and controller are two completely separate pieces (whereas most bullets are connected for-ev-er) and are connected by a plug and jack. This aspect will help prevent it from fraying and shorting out quickly. I say quickly because that is almost always the cause of death of the bullet that is connected by wire.

This “Bullet of Love” also includes a handy dandy jelly sleeve to cover the bullet. It has little bumpies for added sensation, but the main point is to give it texture and allow for maximum friction. With any plastic toy, once it becomes wet it turns into a slippery object, making it hard to keep it right where you need it. The sleeve will also help minimize any heat transferred from the bullet your body (the longer used, the hotter it will get).I would recommend this product based on price and functionality.  The best bullet vibrator in its price range.



  • Price average is $25
  • Colors offered-White, teal, purple and pink
  • 10x functions


  • Plastic (Plastic does transfer vibration well, however is the cheapest material available and can need to be checked for frays or nicks that could hurt your sensitive areas)
  • Not waterproof
  • Flashing LED ON/OFF button, in the dark…you are throwing a rave now while simultaneously trying to focus on achieving orgasm. lol

UPC CODE #719256707556

best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks adult store best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks sex toys
best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks adult store best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks adult store


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best bullet vibrator discreetly shipped from loveworks sex toys

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  • Tasha

    When I bought this bullet, I was told that it was very powerful for being so little. I was not told a lie! It actually caught me off guard when I turned it on. Even on low it is pretty intense. It "dances" in my hand. I love that the cord comes out of the remote (I'm prone to breaking wires). The 10 functions are very enjoyable. The cover that goes over the bullet was a little tough to put on (I prefer it with out the cover). I wish the bullet its self was much bigger. The battery life is pretty good. It is also easy to clean and store for discretion. I would recommend it to anyone! Be prepared to have your hair blown back by this.

  • Christina

    This is by far one of the best bullets I have ever bought! It is so powerful and the 10 different functions keep me wanting more. Even on low it is pretty intense. I also love the fact that the wire comes out of the remote. I never have to worry about a broken cord again. I have had it for almost a year now and it is just as awesome as it was on day one. I have the teal version of this one. The colors you can choose from are absolutely gorgeous. Very vibrant and very eye catching. The bullet is on the small side, but I dont like anything that is too bulky and big. It is actually the perfect size for me. It is even better to use with my boyfriend. I have already bragged to all my girlfriends about it. Word gets around for sure!!

  • Lexi

    This has to be the strongest and best bullet vibrator that I have ever used. The 10 different settings leave me wanting to use it more to see how long I can last before having an orgasm. I actually squirted using this, and I have never done this in my entire life! When this happened I was left completely shocked I could even do that. I love to use it while having sex also. That makes your sex so much better. I am one of those people who can't orgasm fast during sex, and this helped that! Another thing is the wire. It actually comes out of the remote so I never worry about it breaking or shorting out. I would recommend this to anyone. Go get one NOW!!

  • Scarlett

    This packs a ton of vibration in that tiny little bullet. It's even super quiet when it's on. I loved this toy. I hated the bullet cover though! It was too difficult to stretch over the bullet. I accidently ripped it. I was perfectly fine with out it though. The functions are really good and I love that the cord comes out of the remote. No more fuss about broken wires. When I say this is a powerful bullet, it is a powerful bullet. Even the colors are so pretty and vibrant. I think that was what drew me in automatically. It is also incredibly easy to clean/keep clean. It's by far my favorite toy that I own.

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