Rabbit Sex Toy: Jimmee Lightning Rod

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The Jimmee Lightning Rod Rabbit Sex Toy

Closet Collection makes a fantastic rabbit sex toy called The Jimmee Lightning Rod. A multifunction toy, more commonly known as the rabbit style toy, that does not disappoint. They really gave this toy the works when designing it — it has jelly ticklers, two separate bullets, a rotating tip, speed variations, and it lights up.

The reason why I purchased this toy myself was because it did not look like anything else I owned. You can see just from the pictures, it looks crazy! Which is particularly exciting for me. It has little jelly ticklers all over it (completely comfortable); on the shaft, the base of the shaft, and even on the clitoral bullet.

On the shaft, the ticklers are designed to further stimulate the internal vagina and g-spot; but at the base of the shaft, they added even longer ones to further stimulate the outer vagina and just add a peek of sensation to the anal region. It is not designed to penetrate the anus, but simply offer a slight vibration in the area, (which is enough to make a difference in a satisfactory kind of way). 

The ticklers loveworks.com added to the clitoral bullet are just another way to ensure the entire area is being stimulated. I wouldn't say that the ticklers alone transfer a powerful vibration, but I will say that it is excellent combined with the product as a whole.

The insertable part of the Jimmie Lightning Rod rabbit sex toy was a well thought creation. A lot of other multifunction toys place a bullet or a row of beads inside the shaft and call it a day. That design works, but the creativity behind this toy's design is heaven. The shaft has a slight curve/ hook at the top, that rotates. This offers full internal stimulation.

If your g-spot is set slightly further back it will certainly be "touched" with this toy. The bullet on the shaft is not actually inside of the shaft; it was added to the outside, but still covered in the same comfortable body safe material. It's placed just below the rotating tip where most g-spots are located. This gives direct g-spot stimulation at your choice of 6 different mind blowing speeds. Weather your g-spot is more near the opening of your vagina or set a bit further back, it will be found, and it will be pleasured.

The clitoral stimulator is a good sized bullet covered in the same comfortable material. It has 7 different levels of powerful vibrations and pulses. It is flexible, which means that if you want more stimulation that what is offered, you can easily place your finger to add some pressure and it will be a more direct contact.

All of the Closet Collection toys come with bright eye catching colors, so it is no surprise this one may be a let down in the immediate appeal of a bright color, but is made up with the fact that it lights up in several fun colors. Their packaging is ideal, because it is a box you can reuse to store the rabbit sex toy if you wanted. They also include a small bag for more discreet storage.

The Jimmee Lightning Rod is made from ABS and TPR material, which means you want to loveworks.com store it in room temperature out of direct light to keep it at maximum quality, the company providing a dark storage bag is a great idea for this type of material, or really with any toy.

I seriously have no regrets with this product. Well worth a purchase for solo play, or if someone wants to watch.


UPC #707331698820

Pros: Skin safe – phthalate free

            Comfortable ABS & TPR material – No smell/ not sticky

            1 yr warranty

            Packaging can be used for storage, but a storage bag is included as well

            Intense/ powerful vibrations with several different settings

            4 AA batteries


Con: Waterproof – means in the shower with a couple drops, not recommended for full submersion


This sex toy review originally appeared on LoveWorks.com

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jimmy-lightening-rod rabbit sex toy

jimmy-lightening-rod rabbit sex toy

jimmy-lightening-rod rabbit sex toy

jimmy-lightening-rod rabbit sex toy






Sex Toy Opinions



  • Lucy

    Honstly, my first thought when I saw this toy, I thought it looked like a caterpillar. Which was a totally turn off…but I kept looking at it and imagining it vibrating. Long story short, the lovely woman at the store opened it and put batteries in it for me. I was very impressed. The thought of all the vibrating nubs everywhere on it left me NEEDING to try it. So that is what I did. I took it home and it was absolutely fantastic. I usually don't like rabbits, but for some unknown reason this was the best rabbit i have ever used. You would also think that clean up is a pain because of the nubs everywhere…well its not! All you need is a few sprays of toy cleaner and with a snap of the finger it is good to go. The motor somtimes makes a loud grinding noise which is weird but it is not a deal breaker for me. Be like me and give this "caterpillar" a try today!

  • Kat

    This toy was alright. To me it wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst. The bullet is definitely worth a try. It is very soft and the silicone is comfortable which is a plus. The motor is a little loud at times though. I love that it has different settings to choose from. That way it's not the same thing every time you use it. Cleanup was surprisingly easy and the battery life lasted longer than my other toys that I have. I wish it would vibrate stronger but that is just me. Overall it was a great experience. If it catches your eye go for it!

  • Sharise

    I was so happy I decided to get this sex toy rabbit because it left me wanting to use it more and it's AMAZING! It made me orgasm in like 5mins! It should be a must have in the bedroom. The vibrating nubs on it feel so good. Clean up is actually really easy, believe it or not. The motor can get a little loud at times though. In the end I would say it's well worth the money. I would also very highly recommend it! I think the Jimmee items are nice.

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