Review: Powerplay Playful Vibrating Bullet

power play vibrating bullet sex toy

Power Play Vibrating Bullet Sex Toy

The Power Play Vibrating Bullet Sex Toy looks about as basic as one can get. Nothing particular jumped out at me in regards to this Cal Exotics toy.

It is about 2" long and 1" diameter, with the controller being about twice that size.  The controller is easy to use and hold, even with small hands.  The Power Play Vibrating Bullet cord connecting the toy to the controller is around 30" and feels like it was connected well (yes, I really tug hard on the cord, because I want to know if it is going to fall apart in the middle of activity!).  Great bullet vibrator for travelling, as long as you remember to remove the batteries (thanks TSA).

The packaging is understated, and the color purple (I'm a sucker for bright vibrant colors) is muted I'd say. However I had nothing better to do than watch reruns on Adult Swim, so I figured why not?

It operates on 4 AAA batteries, and I would have to give it a 4/5 on vibration. Some people are turned off by the fact it is only Low-Med-Highpower play vibrating bullet sex toy settings and does not offer any functions, however I am a die hard fan of the basic design in regards to vibration. I find it annoying when I'm soooooooooo close to orgasm and then WHAAAM!!!  It decides to start another function, and fucks me all up. So I keep it super simple. Orgasms are not a thing to be fucked with, especially after a long work day or I need to sleep. I got 5 minutes to knock this out and rest, and I don't need pesky inconvenient things like functions getting in the way.

Even though the Powerplay vibrating bullet is marketed as waterproof, on the bullet itself is waterproof.  The controll should not be in contact with water, other than perhaps, a splash of water.  And as with most vibrating bullets of this type, it does get warm-to-hot with use.  I also notice that batteries tend to burn quickly in this bullet.

Anyway (sorry about the rant).

I do like the Power Plays satin finish. Similar designs with slick plastic makes it  hard to hold onto and maintain friction. It's waterproof too, so it can handle those  super aquatic play times.


I say if you're looking for a basic quality vibrating bullet, this a good purchase.


UPC: #716770081124


• Satin Finish

• Affordable

• Waterproof

• 3 speed

• Decent vibration



• Only 3 speeds

• Controller is kinda bulky

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power play vibrating bullet sex toy


Sex Toy Opinions




  • Terran

    Very strong, powerful for the price, and it does the job everytime, trust me! This is one of my favorite bullets I have bought recently. It's kind of loud but who cares, I don't. It feels pretty durable and sturdy. I'm sure it'll last a while. The remote is huge though! Just a better way to keep a grip on it. I don't need a bunch of fancy functions to achieve what I'm wanting. Just give me a high setting and I will be perfectly fine. Clean up was so easy. The overall feel of this toy is fantastic. If you are looking for a new basic bullet at a good price, this is the one to get!


  • Kim

    Talk about a decent toy at a decent price…this was great! I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles in order to climax. The three different settings are all I need and they vibrate great. I love the silicone feel to it instead of only pastic. The remote is great because you can actually have a grip on it. The wire isn't flimsy at all. It is even easier to clean. I loved it. What a great experience.

  • Betty

    This was just what I was looking for! I don't need all these bells and whistles to get myself off. A basic vibrating bullet that is strong and has low medium and high settings. I love that the outside isn't metal! So much more comfortable and feels even better. The remote is big enough to where I can actually hold it and not have to worry about it slipping or a cord coming loose. Even keeping it clean is simple. One of my favorite vibrating bullets I have ever bought!

  • Pinky

    I really like this bullet. It's nothing fancy, just straight to the point. It's a bigger sized bullet, a good sized remote, it has great power, and different settings to choose from. The wire is even on the thicker side so it's not as flimsy as other toys out there. I really like the feel of it. It's almost like velvet. It hasn't let me down at all since the first day i brought it home. It's really a big bang for your buck. Nothing is better than getting something great that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am very pleased with this toy. My husband loves to use it on me as I use it on him from time to time also. (it's great on his balls!!) With a good imagination, it is very versatile. Everyone needs this.

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