Politicians and Flying Sex Toy!

flying sex toy politican hit with flying dildo

Flying Sex Toy!  The politicians in my local city were never (openly!) fond of the sex toys I sell.  But I always thought it was because they needed to maintain that old-and-outdated adage that "adult products are bad".  I never knew the real reason they didn't like our toys.  Now I do — THEY ARE AFRAID WE WILL THROW THEM!!!  I appreciate the flying sex toy.

Take New Zealand's Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce as a prime example.  He was talking at "Waitangi Day", which is a national commemoration day in New Zealnd (which marks the 1840 signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, which made New Zealand a part of the British Empire) when Nurse Josie Butler threw what appeared to be a "Mister Fix-it Beige Dildo" while hollering "That's for raping our sovereignty".

Joyce was not hurt and later joked about the flying sex toy on social media.  Up to this point in his political career, he was a flying dildo virgin.

The nurse (the sexual innuendos of that alone are staggering!) was taken away by the police and the flying sex toy was taken into evidence … although I doubt it was in pink furry handcuffs.

I remember politicians talking about how they would do something "when pigs fly".  I gues they won't be saying "when dildos fly" anytime soon — at least not in New Zealand!


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