18th Century Phallus Found – No Premature Withdrawal Here!

ancient phallus pennis

Archeologist Withdraws 18th Century Phallus

Archeologists found a very unique treasure during a dig in Gdansk Poland.  While researching the contents of a very old restroom, they found a slimy phallus shaped (wiki) dildo from the 18th century.   This pennis dildo is like no other and is described by the Regional Office Director at the Protection of Monuments as, “large, thick, made of leather filled with bristles, and has a wooden tip.”  This is considered a high-end piece due to the design and materials.  After cleaning the slime from the surface, it was found to be made of very expensive leather.  It was said to be very well preserved for such an old item. 


The archaeologists believe the restroom where the phallus was found used to be located in a fencing school.  The reason for this theory is due to the broken pieces of wooden fencing equipment found outside the area.   It isn’t known what 18th century fencing students would have been doing with a pennis dildo, but it is evident that people have sexual desires, always have, and always will.  It is just a snapshot into the history of society and sexual behaviors of those within.  Sexual needs are evident through time and cultural differences.  They are an aspect of all humans and a common bond, no matter how different everything else is. 




It would be interesting to be able to hit a master rewind button and reform everything back to its original state for 15 minutes, just to see the reality that occurred in the bathroom, with this phallus dildo in 18th century Poland.   It could probably make a pretty good story, filled with vivid actions that currently only live in the imagination of all who have read this article. 


For people who study the history of sextoys, pennis, and sexual behaviors in society, this makes a very interesting addition to their collection of knowledge.  An author could also appreciate the beginning story and create quite a novel surrounding the dildo addict in that particular men’s fencing school in Gdansk Poland.



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