Petite Jack Rabbit Toy by California Exotic

petite jack rabbit toy

Petite Jack Rabbit Toy by California Exotic

There are far too many different multifunction styled, (more commonly known as a "Rabbit Toy"), sex toys to choose from, if you loveworksdotcom ask me. Don't get me wrong, they all serve a great and desired purpose, but it get it can be overwhelming to pick just the right one for you. California Exotic recently came out with new packaging for a lot of their Jack Rabbit Toy line. They have them labeled as starter, intermediate, advanced, and pro. In my opinion, that was a fantastic idea! It helps a customer find a starting point, and eliminate some of the guesswork.

My favorite in California Exotic starter range is the Jack Rabbit Toy Petite Vibrator. It still does plenty to have your needs met, is smaller in size, and is not too hard to figure out. They kept it simple and loveworksdotcom basic, but still effective. Effective is absolutely what matters most, am I right?!

petite jack rabbit toyThe Jack Rabbit Toy Petite takes 3 AAA Batteries. The battery compartment itself is very simple. Sometimes the multifunction toys have more complex, or almost tricky battery compartments, and that will turn me off to them from the start. This is a simple unscrew from the bottom, put the batteries in, and screw back on. They also kept the buttons simple, which to be appreciated as well. You can control the three speeds by looking directly at the handle, to the left there are two buttons labeled "rotation", (to obviously control the the rotation of the shaft), with a plus on one, and a minus on the other. To the right there are another two buttons labeled "vibration", these control the vibrating rabbit toy, with a plus and minus on each as well. When you hit the R/S button, located in the center, it causes the beads inside to pause and then rotate the other way. If you do this several times you can create your own pattern.

That is correct, a rotating button, in this case, means the shaft not only has petite jack rabbit toyrotating beads inside of it, that stimulate wonderfully internally, the entire shaft can rotate as well. This is a great thing for someone who is new to the g-spot world. It'll tease the g-spot, and really get you to open your eyes to how amazing an internal orgasm can really be.

The little bunny is for clitoral stimulation on the Jack Rabbit Toy Petite is not only loveworksdotcom adorable, but pretty powerful. I was impressed anyways. The bunny actually has protruding arms, a face, and ears. This gives a bit more variety with the clitoral part. What I think is the neatest when companies do this is that everyone's body is designed a bit differently down there. What may hit someone just right, may not hit another the same. This way the ears, the face, or the arms are going to get ya. There won't be a way around it. Plus the idea of it giving my clitoris a hug is awfully cheesy, but oddly appealing to me. Lol!

The insertable length on the Jack Rabbit Toy Petite is roughly four and a half inches. It is not "girthy" by any means, and very appealing to someone who wants to experiment with a penetrative toy that is less invasive. The insertable and clitoral area is made from a comfortable TPR, jelly – like material. Most beginners really appreciate a jelly – like material, because it is a softer, more flexible material.

Always remember to use a water-based lubricant to add pleasure and comfort, and to clean before and after each use. To clean simply rinse with water, and follow directions loveworksdotcom on your favorite rabbit toy cleaner.


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Pros: Great for a beginner


          Simple, effective, easy to use

          AAA Batteries

Cons: None that come to mind

 petite jack rabbit toy

 petite jack rabbit toy     




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  • Tiana

    This petite jack rabbit was my very first rabbit I had ever bought. At the time when I had no idea that there is so many different versions of a rabbit toy, this one grabbed my attention the most. It isn't at all gigantic and is very slim when it comes to thickness. The intensity of the vibrations were also pretty good, but this was a few years back. Now, this really isn't the one for me. I have since upgraded to bigger and better things..literally. The clit stimulator was the best part. Once I had the rotating beads on the toy got pretty loud, so I used it with the rabbit on only. It did give some pretty good O's though! For a beginner, this is perfect.

  • Dani

    I use it all the time and never get tired of it. It's always ready when I am and never fails me. This toy is awesome because you can use it in more than one way. You don’t have to lay there on your back and do all the work. You can insert it, then prop it up against yourself using a pillow. The rabbit ears will vibrate your clit, and you’ll get an orgasm almost immediately. If you’re not into penetration, you can lay the vibrator on the bed and let the rabbit part vibrate on your clit until you climax. This is also a great toy to have your man use on you during foreplay. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Every woman should own this or a rabbit toy.

  • Selena

    The most bang for your buck. Aside from being a tad bit on the little side for my taste, but this is a really good toy! Buy this for the lady in your life and she'll be thanking you for months. The controls are easy enough to use that you dont lose your focus. This is a powerful little toy. The clit part is exquisite and keeps the rest of the stimulator parts in check. The rotating beads really add a new feeling of pleasure. The only bad thing is I've had to buy another one with in a couple of months time. Don't drop it on the floor, it can't take a hit/fall. I may never go back to the regular vibrator again though! I have problems with positioning the clit stimulator correctly at times but once I get it on there I am good to go! It is worth a try for sure!!!

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