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We are proud of our writers and editorial staff!


Madame Red -- The Goddess of all things Sex -- LoveWorksMADAME RED:
"My thirst for knowledge supersedes all other worldly desires."   When I was hired at LoveWorks, I was blown away by how much more there was to this industry than just "dildos and porn".  When I joined the editorial staff, I knew that "writing" what I had been saying to customers was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it!


My mission is to help remove the stigma surrounding sex and self-sexual awareness. I want my customers to leave feeling comfortable and more importantly confident, knowing that they are not the first to have questions, or experience those “sexual hiccups”.  I want my online reviews to communicate those feelings as well!!

From sexual angst, to finding the first timer a sex toy he or she will love; to explaining the pros/cons of anal sex … I discuss it all in order to help in any way I can.   I love what I do.  And I love the hot sex when I get home. 🙂


LoveWorks Lady Siren - Wailing About the Virtues of a Vibrating WorldLADY SIREN:

I am a huge fan of toys and everything they bring into a relationship, (or just myself!), and always have been.

The best part of working for Love Works is that my collection and knowledge of toys is only growing.  I wasn't sure if I would enjoy being part of the editorial staff, but once I started writing, I found that I loved it!!  I knew that I loved talking about toys and better sex, but getting to write it down made it more interesting — knowing that people all over the world would be reading my reviews and tips!

My favorite thing to do is find alternate ways to use a toy, Other than what is recommended on the packaging!


The Old Guy -- Trying Not To Step in the ShitTHE OLD GUY:

The owner of the company;  aka: "the boss", "boss man" and "him", as well as a dozen or so expletive-laden versions said behind my back!

In the adult store business 25+ years after founding LoveWorks in 1991.  Still amazed at the changes in the industry from type and designs of toys to overall toy acceptance.  And thoroughly disappointed that Walgreen's sells sex toys; they should stick to what they know — let's face it, we don't sell penicillin!  Why should they sell "romance items"?

And STILL boring at parties — don't drink and don't smoke!  (I delegate that!)



Aunt Helen writes for LoveWorks Sex toys storeAUNT HELEN:
After 19 years of writing media releases for a major tele-evangelical church in North Houston, Aunt Helen finally decided to explore her creative abilities (and use her Bachelor's degree for something else)!  Ok, so she is not really our Aunt, but we have known her so long that she may as well be our blood.

As the newest member of our editorial staff, she is now writing about sex toys and vaginas on LoveWorks.com when her time permits, and promised to continue as long as we don't tell who she really is!!

She brings a unique perspective to the writing team at LoveWorks, especially as she begins to explore her writing freedom.  Truly creative people like to write about sex!!  We love her style of writing, so we "ain't telling nothing to nobody!"


dear christianne sex questions and answersCHRISTIANNE

Hello to all!  My name is Christianne and I asked to write for LoveWorks Magazine.  Unfortunately my full time job is very rewarding and prevents me from my relaxing hobby of writing, I plan to do my best to contribute more.

I am really excited about giving my opinions and sharing my experience in a sexual "Q&A" section that The Old Guy is creating just for me.  

You may not always agree with my point of view, but I hope you will continue to read and respect what I say simply as another person's opinion.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me.  

Sexual Questions for me to answer can be submitted HERE.


wicked mowattWICKED MOWATT

I'm the latest add-on to the LoveWorks contributing editors!  But that's cool, because finishing last is always best!

My normal writing activities are for the suit-and-tie and financial world, and even though I enjoy what I do, I tend to have brain farts from time-to-time and get stuck in my writing and unable to say what I want.

So I write about SEX!  And writing about sex and other adult topics is a fun break from the reality of my daily work, so I was all for it when The Old Guy asked me to be a contributing writer and throw a few interesting articles his way.   "Therapy" he called it!   

So it is "sex to the rescue" for me.  I hope you enjoy my writing style and my take on life.  And by the way, just like Dr Seuss, I also wrote porn!  Just search for "Billionaire Affair: Volume I: The New Assistant" which can be downloaded to your reader (shameless plug!!).


sex toy tester and reviewerVOLUNTEER SEX TOY TESTERS & REVIEWERS
And if anyone around here has it hard, it is our volunteer sex toy testers and reviewers.  These are real people, with everyday lives, that do not work for LoveWorks.  And in most cases, we have never met them.  Considering the intimate details they share, they are probably happy not to be sharing a table with us a Burger King!  "How about a little flavored lube with those fries?"

As part of their grueling volunteer work, they must masturbate, perform cunninglingus and fellatio; vaginal and anal sex, all in the name of research and product review.  Whew.  It is a hard job, but we are glad our volunteers are here to take whatever we throw at them!

After their sex research is done, and probably after a power nap, these product testers weakly run to their computers and share their feelings about the products before them.  And whether the products suck or shine, we expect them to tell the truth!  We hope you enjoy their opinions as much as we do.