Oregon Militia Not Happy with Doc Johnson Sex Toys

oregon militia sex toy delivery from Doc Johnson

Oregon Militia Not Happy with Doc Johnson Sex Toys!

There probably isn't anyone in America that hasn't heard of the "Oregon Occupation" — where a group of armed "militants" or militia, or armed protestors or activists or terrorists, calling themselves the "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom" took over a federally-owned building at the Masher Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, in protest againt the Federal Government's land use policies.

Of course, social media, the good-and-bad evil that it is, immediately created their own names for the group:  "Vanilla ISIS" and "Y'all Queda", making light of the word "Y'all" from the south and combing that with Islamic extremists.

So the leader of the group takes to the internet and asks for supplies to be shipped to them.  Now why the postal service (PART of the US GOVERNMENT) actualy delivered the packages is a mystery to me, but packages from all over the world began to arrive.

Only problem was — the packages weren't full of oreos and Bud Light.  The packages were full of sex toys; as in real Doc Johnson sex toys like dildos and vibrators (the one in his box looked similar to this one)!  But one sender did have a sense of humor, AND fulfilled the need for supplies by sending a bag of adult party favors called "Edible Candy Dicks!".  

And … I'm REALLY NOT MAKING THIS UP … one guy, Max Temkin, sent a 55-gallon drum of SEX LUBE!  His $1200 order (available with free shipping!) included a pump as well.

The Militia/Militants/Terrorist/Y'all Queda/Armed Thugs were not amused as you can see in the video.

55 gallon drum of sex lube (lubricant) with pump dispenser 55 gallon drum of sex lube (lubricant) with pump dispenser




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