How to Microwave Your Favorite Sex Toy

microwave sex toy

How to Microwave Your Favorite Sex Toy.  

Now why would anyone put their favorite sex toy or masturbator in the microwave?  In the name of science of course!  And thankfully, my friendly sensei did it for me, because I didn't want to destroy either my toys OR my microwave!


Here is the translation:

Title: What would happen to an onahole if it is heated up to its limits? [Teach me, Karuto Sensei]

Ok, so in today's "Teach me, Karuto Sensei" …

For now, I bought a microwave oven, and… as the title says, we'll see what happens when we heat up an "onahole sex toy" (personal masturbator made of real-feel material) to its limits with this experiment.

So, here is what I tried before, and it became like this. Somewhat a failure, I say. It burst and tore a little bit.

When you insert your finger, you can feel the insides aren't good anymore.

Anyways, looking at this rubber material, we can get an idea of what an onahole is made of. I won't explain anything so for now, let's do it.

So I had another one, and it's like this. (EDITOR:  Why does he have so many masturbators?)

It's a bit dirty, but when I bought this before, it was still soft. This seems a bit good, so we'll heat this up.

This was called "Honor student sex toy" by the way. For now, let’s heat it up.  Let's set it to 30 minutes.

Before we do this, please don't try this at home if possible. Even I myself don't know what happen. So yeah, let's get this done with quick.

I think in 5 minutes or so, it would probably get soft.

Actually, warming up an onahole before using it makes the experience a tad different. Using it as it is (unheated) makes it feel that you're doing a dead person, which isn't that good. [EDITOR:  Well, he is exaggerating.  It isn't that bad because the friction of using it warms it up for you, and you can feel the toy getting warmer as you move in and out, which is actually not a bad feeling!]

Warming it up a bit makes it feel like you're doing a real person and it's really good.  [EDITOR:  I think that most people would agree that doing a "real person" is always good!]

When I was back home too, I challenged myself. So I inserted it into a microwave oven, and after that, I dropped it into a hot bath (hot water).

Also, I blasted hot wind on it using a hair dryer. The best one is using a hair dryer, but when you're not careful, it will become like this (destroyed).  [EDITOR:  We don't suggest using the hair dryer method.  Running hot water through the toy provides enough heat to make it feel warm; a hair dryer will damage the toy before you realize how how it gets.  Once the toy is damaged and slightly melted, you can not use it safely!]

So for this, I'm not thinking about just heating it up. I just want to know what happens when it's heated up to its limits. I will cut the footage in here or so.  Again, I myself don't know what would happen so I suggest not trying this at home.

After 4 minutes, it doesn't have any problems yet, so we'll continue. 

After 16 minutes, there was no change at all.

There's 6 minutes left. There's a clanking sound I can hear coming from the microwave oven. Looking at it, there doesn't seem to be much of a change. I’ll fast forward it a bit.

There's 1 minute left. From here, let's see what happens.

Well, it looks normal, I think. 30 seconds left.

10 seconds left. 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… *ding 1… 0.

Oh no. Oh no. Is this an onahole? Even I myself saw this for the first time. What the hell is this? What the hell is this? Oh no. What the hell is this? The clanking sound was made by the plate I see.

It looks delicious though. I have no idea what the hell just happened. The original shape is no more. Well,  It's soft and has a nice pink color. It looks like a high school girl's [vagina]… Not that I've done one before though. [EDITOR:  Hmmmmmm.  We won't touch that comment.]

Nice pink color. It looks and feels like a dessert. I want to taste it. This has turned into something useless now. This looks bad. It melted…

Well, I thought it would melt, but not like this. If I do this on an oven toaster, it would probably be worse than this. But Anyway, it melted, first time I see it this soft.  [EDITOR:  Yes, the over toaster would be worse and might be a fire hazard, so please don't try that one!]

It doesn't look good, but it melted. This is just like a yoyo. This looks like a green slime, interesting. It also looks like a mochi (Japanese sticky rice cake)

It's hot. This experiment has become a disaster. Hot! I bought this microwave oven 2 days before for 3999 yen.  $36USD!! Cheap Microwave!

Anyways, this will pass of an ozouni (soup containing rice cakes and vegetables – A new year's dish) if you serve it during new year’s.
We're done her for now.   So yeah, thank you very much

[EDITOR:  Another sex toy destroyed in the name of science!]



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