Men: The Most Intense Prostate Orgasm EVER

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Men:  The Most Intense Prostate Orgasm Ever!

Part 5:  The Prostate Toy and Prostate Stimulation

I made that sign and mounted it to the wall.  It takes up a lot of space that could be filled with other products, but the sign is important.  It is meant to draw the attention of guys who are intrigued by experiencing what the sign promises, the most intense prostate orgasm!

As men, no one tells us (honestly) that a toy or a lube or ANYTHING is going to improve our orgasm.  To be honest, it is usually pretty good regardless … I have never heard my friends tell me they just had an orgasm, "but it wasn't good".  In the words of one of my friends, "even a bad blowjob is still good!"  But do you hear men talk about having an intense male orgasm?  No.  We came, and it was great, thank you. They had not experienced a prostate orgasm yet!

In the stores, the girls test all the products.  Since I give them a very large discount on any of the sex toys they want, they tend to purchase multiple sex toys and try them out.  The fun thing about a store like LoveWorks is that everyone has no shame coming back to work the next day and talking about how good or bad the toy worked while their boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/onenightstand was doing the nasty with them.  But none ever come back and say they had most intense orgasm ever; or more specifically, that their boyfriend ever had most intense orgasm ever.

And they get excited when new sex toys arrive, sometimes saying things that come out without a "filter" — things that perhaps, as the boss, I shouldn't hear.  "I can't wait to put that toy in my …" I shake my head and laugh, because of the size of the huge dildo that had just been unpackaged.  

But when it comes to new mens toys, they are at a disadvantage, as they are not equipped.  Well, to the best of my knowledge, none of them are "equipped"!  

And going back to the beginning of this post, I said that most mens toys are nothing to get excited about.  When we receive a new pocket pussy, molded after the latest hot porn star, no one is running to my office asking me to review it, because there is no need.  They are mostly the same; the material may have changed, or it is designed after a different porn star.  But in the end, the male pocket pussys are pretty much the same.  

My friends at Doc Johnson and Sweedish Erotica might not like that I call the toys all the same, but they are.  The boxes tell us that this one is a mold of Tera Patrick and this one is Shania Twain.  It is still the same design and function.  Yes, I'm kidding about selling a Shania toy.

When Aneros prostate stimulation toys first appeared on the market, I was helping unpack merchandise and saw the prostate toy immediately.  All of us had seen ads and articles in our trade publication about the Aneros and everything we read was positive.  All the sale literature hyped was about the prostate orgasm being like none other.

My staff immediately pressed me into service and told me that SOMEONE had to test the Aneros and I was the only male in the building.  I wasn't excited about it because to me, it was nothing more than another $60 butt plug.

I believe the first one I tried was the SGX; at the time, the skinnier Eupho wasn't on the market.  Other than an occasional finger in my butt, I wasn't much of an anal guy.  I have nothing against it, but Hemorrhoids have always prevented me from experimenting with much anal play.  TMI?  Oh well, too bad, this is a review of a prostate stimulatopm sex toy that goes in your butt, what can I say??  🙂

That night, after telling my wife about the experiment, I went into the bathroom to insert the prostate toy.  For whatever reason, I wasn't keen on letting my wife wach me insert it, as I was worried about grimacing in pain and her saying "See, that is why I don't let you fuck me in the ass".

So I used a thick lube, pushed the lube into my butt with my finger and tried to relax.  [NOTE TO SELF:  This process would have been better if I had an anal shooter].  Lubed the prostate stimulation toy and began the journey to darker territory.  It didn't feel good half way in, which is the widest part of the anal invader.  But right after the largest part was inserted, my butt sucked the toy in to the base like a vacuum going after a feather boa.

I squeezed my pee muscle (or "poop" muscle if you prefer) and could feel the prostate toy move up and down slightly and it felt good, but not as good as the description.  According to the ad copy, I should begin seeing my penis "drool" with pre-cum, as the toy pressed against the prostate and began providing prostate stimulation.  (This NEVER EVER happened with me, but other customers told me that pre-cum flowed out after inserting the toy!)

What was really surprising me was that I was losing my erection with the prostate toy inserted.  I assume that my system was unhappy that there was an attempt to hack my back door and was shutting down all services, takes us to defcon 1, and preventing any further unauthorized entries.

Of course, being with my wife, it didn't really matter.  We could sit around and laugh about this for a while, and fool around doing other things until my city manager was ready to fill the fire hose.  

After a few minutes, my erection was back and I was ready to begin having intercourse.  In the general stroking in and out, there was nothing unusual, except that my mind knew something was up my butt.  But when I would squeeze my pee muscle repeatedly while stroking, I began to notice a different feeling. It was rubbing something that felt good, which must be caused by the prostate stimulation.  I couldn't wait to experience a prostate orgasm at this point.  

When I felt this prostate orgasm beginning to happen, I also felt the muscles of my penis, pee muscle and anus all begin to flex, adding to new feelings.  I knew that these feelings were different and were due to the prostate stimulation working in my butt.

At that moment when God said "Let there be happiness", I let out a quiet shreak as the prostate orgasm began, and my anus repeatedly squeezed open and closed, intensifying and extending the length of the orgasm.  It was most intense orgasm I have experienced!  Did I say it was intense?  YES, it was the most intense orgasm that I could experience — and if I could have done it over and over, I would have never left the room.

I could almost picture Star Trek and Scotty yelling, "I'm sorry Captain, but there is something stuck in the door and its going to blow!"

After this most intense prostate orgasm, I began to laugh.  The Aneros prostate toy had proved me wrong — there were toys that could improve the male orgasm by using a toy for prostate stimulation.

Removing the toy isn't as much fun however.  My anus acted as though it didn't want to let go of the toy that had just shook its world!  I gently tugged to remove the toy as it gently pulled back and said "NO".  When the half-way mark of the prostate toy was out, my ass released and threw the toy at me, "Here!".

Most prostate toys are white, REALLY white.  And that makes it very clear that you need to clean the toy really well with soap and water.  And once clean, the material does NOT maintain any odor.

[If you are easily grossed out, skip this paragraph].  After washing the toy in soap and water, and then drying, I held the toy to my nose and sniffed.  I could not tell that this toy had just been in no man's land.

I experimented with that toy many times, to the point where I wasn't enjoying sex if the prostate toy wasn't in my ass!  That is how you know you are hoooked and it really was the most intense orgasm!

That is when I decided to experiment with the larger Aneros, the Progasm prostate toy.  It hurt like HELL to put this toy in my butt and to take it out, but it also provided a most intense orgasm, except that it was multipled many, many times when having it inside.  And my butt was sore for a day.  But to feel an orgasm that strong was worth the soreness.

After a while, I had to wean myself off butt toys because sex without a toy up my butt was boring, and the cum was … "ho-hum".  That is so depressing to put on paper.  But it is true.

That tells you how powerful it can be.  I was having BODY SHAKING prostate orgasm s; I was weak in the knees after blowing my load; I was experiencing the most intense orgasm​ that my wife gets, AND MIKEY LIKEY!

Now, to keep myself from getting "used" to them, I only use my Aneros a few times per month.  That l keeps me from being bored with regular orgasms, but gives me that orgasmic high that prostate stimulation can deliver.

While I was in the testing stage, I tried some of the other products we were receiving such as the Rudemen series of anal toys, as well as a few Aneros competitors that didn't last.  At one time, a UK company shipped me a few toys to try, but the design and feeling wasn't the same and we chose not to carry their prostate toy line.

The biggest difficulty we have in selling the Aneros is the fear of putting a sex toy into the ass.  "You ain't putting no toy in MY ass".  I wish I had a $1 for every time that a man said that in the store.

But in those relationships where they agreed to experiment and use the toy, the wives returned to tell the employees how Mr Macho turned into Mr Whimperer after having the most intense orgasm of his life.  

Uh-huh.  You can still be a man and have a toy up your ass. 🙂


Lets talk technical stuff:  Every person is different; specifically the distance between the anal opening and the prostate; the angle or depth of the prostate in the anal canal, and more factors.  Because of this, the prostate stimulation might be less than or greater than what I experienced.

Aneros toys worked for me but not as good as some of my friends.  Some of the other brands might work better for other customers.  That is the nature of the game — you must experiment if you want to know.  Buy the toy and take the risk — it works for you or it doesn't.  And if it works, you will be appreciative and non-judgemental of the price!

Also, I tried vibrating toys as well, but for prostate toys, I always returned to the non-vibe toys.  The feeling seemed better without the vibrations.  But that doesn't mean I won't try new vibrating toys when they come with a kick-starter.


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