Review: Silent Lucidity Light Up Vibrator

silent lucidity light up sex toy

Silent Lucidity Aurora Vibrator.

The Silent Lucidity Aurora vibrator is a completely clear vibe made out of body-safe TPE (Thermo-plastic-elastomer). You can see all the workings inside this powerful vibrator from NS Novelties. 7.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, top to bottom is filled with pleasure-filled ripples!

The bullet itself is located at the very tip of the toy, so the vibration is just where you need it. The turn dial button at the bottom is configured for low-high settings. It is completely waterproof and runs off of 2 AA’s.

Now this is a powerful vibrator, the feeling is pretty impressive. Normally vibrators at this price range are lacking any kind of real vibration, but Silent Lucidity Light Up Vibration is definitely an exeption!  

With the "light-up" functions, it is fun to watch!  See the video below.  My partner called it a "light show starring my vagina".  




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  • Great pricing! (Average $32+)
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable material (TPE)
  • Powerful
  • Super fun rainbow LEDS (cause we all want our vibes to sparkle right?)
  • Multi-speed



  • My only downer for this unique toy is the fact I can see the batteries inside the toy since it is clear. Now this is a minor thing and does not sway my opinion on buying it or not. It is just off putting to my eye. lol



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  • Natalie

    This toy was given to me on my birthday as a "gag gift", but little did my friend know, I actually used it. This was probably one of the best toys I have used. I absolutely love how it has the flashing lights and it actually vibrates awesomely. As they show in the video above of it "dancing" while it is turned on…It will actually do that. No smoke and mirrors needed. The ridges that are on it are also fantastic. Definitely gives it an intriguing feeling that makes you want to keep using it. In all honesty I don't think I have one thing that disappointed me about this…Definitely the best birthday present ever!!

  • Maddie

    My hubby brought this home one day as a surprise for me. He said the woman at the store showed him the intensity of the vibrations and the "light show" and he thought I would like it….well he was wrong…I actually LOVE it! I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but if you are tired of the light show you can put the batteries in the other way and the lights will not display but the vibrations will be just the same and intense. I am so glad my hubby brought it home, we use it almost everytime we have fun together…but I use it even when i'm alone. Definitely recommending it to my friends!

  • Gage

    I bought this for my girlfriend one evening. The sales woman at the store showed it to me and it is literally a rave in a dildo. The intensity from the vibrator actually made it dance around in a circle and across the counter. For my girlfriend to actually believe me I had to put the batteries in it and show her myself once I had the vibrator home. In all honesty this was the only toy for sex that we have had that actually made her climax. Its very soft and squishy too. She also loved the ribbed sensation it has going down the toy. We werent at all disappointed. Worth every penny!

  • Maci

    This is by far my new favorite toy. I can not ephasize enough how great this toy is. I climaxed in under 60 seconds! No joke! Just turn on the vibes and welcome to heaven! The ridges in the toy are the best part when you are using it. It gives a very unique feeling when it's going in and out. Plus, the light show is awesome! Upon my own self discovery, I put the batteries in backwards and the light show didn't display but the intensity was just as great. GET THIS TOY! I'm a fan for life!

  • Mike

    Cool video!!

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