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love dolls

Love Dolls – sex toys that provide sexual release AND compansionship?

I was asked the other day if love dolls can really substitute for a real lover.  Based on all the press from Japan about life-like love dolls being collected by single men NOT looking for a partner, I had to think that "yes", in some cases I think it could.  But for most, it is a temporary substitute.

By the way, this is the fun part of the job.  I get to write about love dolls, and how to choose them and how to clean them, etc.  My wife just walked in while I am writing this article, and laughed when all that was visible on my screen was a picture of a male love doll penis.  "I guess you are working" she asked!  

First, I must differentiate between the typical blow-up dolls that are available on the market and the high quality silicone real love dolls that range from $1500-$10,000USD!   There is an incredible difference between the buyers of these dolls.  At LoveWorks, we sell a limited selection of dolls, which I will try to explain in this post.  

Sometimes the question of "what is a doll" gets confusing with all the latest products on the market.  To make it easier for me, I will start a list:

female blow up love dollsinflatable female blow up love dolls

BLOW UP DOLLS:  Your typical cheap plastic blow up doll (reminds me of the inner-tube from a tire with tits and action holes).  Can me Male or Female.  I refuse to refer to these blow up tires as love dolls.

In general, "DOLLS" will have a head, body, and all arms and legs.   That is the definition we use most of the time to identify a "DOLL" from another type of sex toy.

Usually the head is hard, and often the tits are prefilled.  Some, like the one on the right, fills with air just like the remainder of the body.  We also sell blow up dolls with NO holes, specifically aimed at the Bachelorette party market.  But based on my experience in the industry, we sell more blow-up dolls as "gag gifts" for bachelorette parties, divorce parties, etc., than we do for actual sexual use.

giant pussy ass love dolls male cock love dolls half torsobig breasts love dolls masturbator sex toyBODY PARTS (Masturbators):  Not typically considered a love"doll", as it is more of a masturbator.  Might be a large toy, but is usually just the body part itself.  Might be an ass, or ass and vagina.

Or, as in the examples shown, it could be the belly button to the bottom of the testicles of a penis sex toy, or a pair of big breasts for a man to masturbate between or feel while masturbating.


female torso masturbator love dollsmale torso love dolls

FULL TORSO SEX TOYS (Masturbators):   It is very difficult NOT to call this a love doll because it has so much of the body.  But, even though it is "full-size", it does not have a head, arms or legs.

These torsos are easier to store than a full size doll; and much easier to clean as there are fewer body parts to work with.  The material is usually a soft silicone, and can weigh 20-30 pounds depending on the design.  

Some torso designs will lay "flat", while others have actual big round asses that make their position more like a woman.  Most all torso toys with have a usable vagina and ass.  Male torso toys will have a hard penis, usually quite large, and a useable ass.


plush sex fleshlight love dolls

plush sex fleshlight love dollsPLUSH TOYS AND DOLLS:  Furthest to the left is the Meiki plush love doll according to the manufacturer.  The unique thing is the ability to use your own Fleshlight insert for more exciting feelings and easier cleaning.  It is also hard-stuffed to support the weight of the person using it.  

The plush "anime" doll on the right seems limp and does not appear to be strong enough to support a partner.  That defeats the purpose of having the doll in my opinion.

Because of the fleshlight, and the hard case design, almost anything can become a sex doll.  For guys that don't need the visual stimulation of a pretty female face and, in some cases, body — the doll becomes something to lay on and hold the sex toy (fleshlight) while the guy strokes hands-free to completion.


plush sex and love dolls stuffed animalsPLUSH STUFFED ANIMALS:my little pony horse sex toy  Stuffed animals have made their way into the market both intentionally and unintentionally.  Walmart sells LARGE stuffed animals for under $50, which can be converted to a sex toy holder very easily.  Make a small slit between the legs and insert your flashlight hard case and go to town.  Easy to store, can leave it out in the open and no one will know the difference.  

Other stuffed animals were created just for sexual purposes, such as the My Little Sex Toy Pony on the right.  Whoever thought love dolls would include stuffed animals and "My Little Pony".


dick and tits love dolls masturbatorbig dick trans love dollsLADYBOY / TRANS TORSOS:  LadyBoy, "Kathoey", or TransGender torsos are also available, combining the parts of the male and female torsos shown above.

This is also a great love doll for women who want to privately and safely experiment with something new — they can ride the hard penis and while visually enjoying the full breasts.  As you can see by the hand in the picture on the right, the penis size is slightly exaggerated as most trans genders do not have equipment this size! I mean, not that I would know that of course, but from what I have been told!  🙂



masturbator love dolls with headvagina and ass head and torso love dolls

TORSO AND HEAD COMBINED:  Having a head still doesn't make it a doll in my books, but this has been one of the latest trends — combined the torsos as shown previously with a detachable head unit.

When custom ordering, hair color and length can be specified.  

This design is usually available in the $500-$900USD range.



male love dolls with penis and assmale silicone love dolls with hard cock and open assFULL SIZE MALE DOLLS:  Probably the market with the fewest sales is the MALE LOVE DOLL market.  Notice the muscular stature, full abs, and large, hard penis.

As always, the ass is fully usable as well, and in custom versions, hair and eye colors can be specified.

Look at the picture to the left (without clicking on it to enlarge it) … Did I use a picture of a real man or a love doll?




real love dolls silicone full body anatomically correct

THE REALISTIC LOVE DOLLS:  The industry has grown and advanced so much that the high-end dolls being made now are truly a sight to see.  Their bodies are exquisite; soft to the touch, but capable of supporting the weight of the partner.  

There are so many movable parts now, that the fingers can be moved in the same joints as a person, able to wrap the fingers around any object.

In 90% of all the dolls, big breasts are the norm.  I always found flat chest sex dollsthat interesting because in the stores, guys talked about big boobs, but always said that they chose a girl with small boobs over one with big boobs.  Of course, I have a friend who would laugh at that, because there is no way in this world that he would pass up a big boob girl.  🙂

But the manufacturers are trying to capture every bit of this small market, and being able to provide big boobs or small boobs; different color eyes; different hair length and hair color are all factors that will help personalize a love doll to the buyer's personal interests.


hustler virtual girl love dollsLove Dolls make up a tiny, tiny percentage of overall sales for any sex toy store.  Most "true" doll business is from Chinese (or Japanese) websites, usually direct-from-manufacturer so that eye color and wig color and other options can be chosen.  

Hustler, one of the big names in adult toys, marketed a full-size "real-feel" love doll in the past, and stores could never sell the item.  It sat and became a conversation point.  But customers did not buy it.  Customers loved to see it, talk about it, take pictures of it, Facebook and tweet it … but no one wanted to buy it.  


Your high-end real doll buyer is a connoisseur of love dolls and is buying the doll for more than just sex.  This is the person who is going to dress and display the doll and maintain a relationship of some type with the doll — who will be addressed by "her name".

That is not the average buyer however.  With my experience in an adult store, I learned that guys who bought blow-up dolls used them once and then threw them into a closet or drawer to never be used again.  Why?  Because they take WAY too much work for a simple session of masturbation.  And no one wanted to leave the doll blown-up and standing around the room.

Imagine having to blow up the doll each and every time you want to have a blasting session.  You become exhausted from all the work necessary to set-up your afternoon interlude.  And I found that guys wanted to blow their load as fast as possible in the most realistic way without having to plan and spend hours prepping or cleaning up afterwards.  That means taking 5-10 minutes to blow up a doll would be a unrealistic waste of time, when combined with another 5-15 minutes to deflate and clean up.

We all know that guys aren't exactly into all the advance planning now don't we?  They want it quick, and on their terms, and blowing up a doll doesn't always fit into that program!  Ideally, the best suggestion we gave in those days was a realistic vagina that didn't come with all the trappings of preparation and long clean up.  That is why fleshlight is such a big seller.  There is no prep time unless you choose to heat the insert.  And cleanup occurs in a few minutes.  And when you tire of a particular insert, it is simple to buy a new one and all of the feelings change.

And yes, I have seen the dolls made for women, but in my opinion, they are usually of terrible quality, and no women I know would want to go that route.  Silicone transsexual dolls, or torso dolls are more appealing to ladies, and usually come with a very firm appendage as well as breast.  (I just checked on the internet and the official name is "silicone Man Doll".  Sometimes it is "something different" that makes the explosion more intense.  With a doll, it doesn't matter whether you would do it in real life — it is a doll and no one knows!

A love doll companion can be as life like as you want, depending on the amount of money you wish to spend.  I have seen so many different materials used for dolls — from stuffed cloth (think of a stuffed animal but sewn into the shape of a pair of pants) to sturdy latex, as well as surgical grade, ultra hygienic latex.   Much of the material used is difficult to describe due to the proprietary nature of the skin — such as real feel or Cyber Skin. 

And don't forget the use of actual oversized stuffed animals.  Today, with the advent of the fleshlight and its hard case, anything that a man can lay on which will hold the toy in place while he has intercourse with the toy, becomes a sex doll.  And with stuffed animals, they may remain in the room — they do not need to be "hidden".  This works great for guys who are not seeking visual stimulation from the object he is having sex with — which works for most guys, since so many are watching porn while they use the doll to masturbate.  Sometimes guys told me they didn't care about the visual stimulus, they just wanted something to "hold" the vagina so they could have sex without having to hold it themselves (having sex versus the feeling of masturbation).

Realistic love dolls provide the visual stimulation that makes masturbation or hands-free masturbation with a toy more pleasurable.  And for some guys, it is all about visual stimulation in front of them.  These are the guys who will dress his love dolls in lingerie or other clothes that the guy has a fetish for, such as running shorts, or tight crop tops.  

For sex, he might just pull the items aside, replying in his head an experience he had in the back of a club where everything was rush-rush.  But this doll buyer wants the dolls truly realistic — he wants the vagina and anus to appear as they would on a women.  He does not want the slip in ability of using other vaginal inserts as that destroys the "genuineness" of the doll experience.

Female form dolls usually have very firm and large breasts, although a few makes now make "small breast" love dolls and you can search for that term for more information.  Some of the dolls allow you to fill the breast with water for a more realistic experience.

Female dolls may also have a built-in vagina or anus, which is the most common, but is NOT the best.  The absolute best situation is to have the ability to insert the fleshlight or tenga into the doll, and be able to remove that ONE item for cleaning.  Cleaning the semen out of the doll can be both tricky and time consuming when you can't remove the body parts.  And whether you are cleaning a doll, or the vagina insert, you want it to go as quickly as possible.  I'm lazy and have no interest in giving the doll a bath after sex.  But, to each his own.

The next step in doll creation is the "robotic" doll currently being marked (and currently being fought against in the media!).  It is true!  There is a campaign against the use of technology for sex dolls!  I refuse to link to the site and give the nut-case any creds, but you can find it by reading this article at Popular Mechanics.

The person behind the "no sex doll left behind" campaign believes that robotic dolls "objectifies women and children".  I consider myself to be rather familiar with most words, but I had to look that term up at wiki, because I wanted to know what it really meant.

Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as an instrument of sexual pleasure. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity.

OMG!  She is worried about the robot's feelings?  Like we are treating it less than human?  We aren't giving the robot any "dignity"?  Are you kidding?  This, by the way, is an important psychological issue of "feminism".  Ok, I have had my laughter for the day.

The poor, poor, robot-sextoy.  It is such a victim.  🙁

As with all "sex toys", love dolls require cleaning, and a damp rag rubbed along the skin will remove any sweat residue or other bodily fluids left by the "lover". 🙂



This article originally appeared with pictures on LoveWorks Magazine


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