KS Dept of Revenue Sells Sex Toys

sex toys for sale by KS Dept of Revenue Sells Sex Toys

KS Dept of Revenue Sells Dildos to repay taxes!


There is no need to worry about the $200M deficit that the state of Kansas has acquired.   The debts kept rising when Governor Sam Brownback created seriously large tax cuts.    These tax cuts lead the governor to find a solution to the problem.  Brownback decided to solve the problem by forcing liquidation of the assets of businesses that failed to pay taxes.   One of the non-paying tax businesses was an adult store—which led to pretty interesting liquidation procedures. 

ks dept of revenue porn sale 2

Proceeds to satisfy KS Dept of Revenue Tax Lien

The KS Dept of Revenue liquidation process resulted in a website that listed lots of each item for sale.  Items could only be purchased in bulk.  There were 400 assorted “lots” of items and each lot contained at least a 12-piece set.    The listed lots included, but was not limited to, love swings, books, DVDs, lingerie, dildos, sex and drinking games and hundreds of other item categories.  

Brownback’s thinking outside the box sales of adult items may have resulted in many people being pleasured.  Although effective and pleasing to some, the adult toy liquidation was frowned on by many other people, including Anthony Hensley, the Senate Democratic Leader, who referred to the state of Kansas as a “porn business”.  When Hensely heard of the situation, he responded with this comment, “Brownback is so desperate to fill the massive hole in the state budget caused by his reckless income tax cuts that the state of Kansas is now in the porn business.” 

The good news is, if a person was looking to purchase a lot of foot-shaped strokers at a reasonable price, they could have done so with the KS Dept of Revenue website liquidation store.  This was probably only really good news to people who intended on opening an adult store.  It wouldn’t seem an average person would need 40 of the same item. 

And that makes this story even more interesting.  The state of Kansas intentionally allowed the sale of sex toys IN BULK which only makes the opening of sex toys stores easier!  Thanks KS Dept of Revenue!  Everyone wants the government tax office to empower local sex toy and adult stores!

Brownbeck learned a valuable lesson from this situation, and taxes will not be frivolously cut again as long as he is in office.  And the KS Dept of Revenue was able to recover some of the tax due without having to explain "how do dildos work" or "what is the return policy on this vibrator?".




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