Penis Insurance – Did Justin Bieber Insure His Willy?

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Is Justin Bieber’s Willy Insured?

The latest leak of Justin Bieber’s naked willy, flopping around hangin-around half-hard in Bora Bora has caused quite a stir in the media world.  Many people are impressed with the girth of his willy, so much that it seems to be all that anyone can talk about.

Up until that moment, I never realized the world was infatuated with Bieber's penis.  When I started writing this article, I did a little research and found entire stores and picture galleries dedicated to "Bieber Penis Sightings".  On this one site, there are a dozen photos of Bieber on stage grabbing his penis, having an erection at a basketball game, and in a bathing suit on the beach.  And here is a twitter page of celebrity penis shots — Justin Bieber again!  So there really are a lot of people who are interested in the Bieb's privates.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before Clone a Willy offered Bieber one million dollars to endorse their product.  Although the million doesn’t necessarily mean they would manufacture his so-called perfect dong in dildo form, the agreement would include him making a casting of his penis.  Bieber has not accepted or denied the offer, and according to Clone a Willy, no response has been returned from their offer. 

If Bieber has such an amazing dick that could bring him one million dollars, wouldn’t it make sense if he decided to insure his prized possession?  If his penis was insured, and something terrible happened to it, (maybe shrinkage, dysfunction, or spontaneous combustion) he would receive compensation for the rest of his life.  Why wouldn’t he insure his penis?  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  Fact is, there is no proof of insurance coverage on Bieber’s penis.  On the flip side, there is also no proof of his penis not being covered. 

And Bieber follows the industry trends – he was found by You Tube remember?  I would bet that most of his celebrity friends have insured body parts.  I know Kim Kardashian has her butt insured for $21 million.  And there are dozens of others including Taylor Swift (Legs: $40 million), Bruce Springteen (Voice: $31 million) and Mariah Carey who insured her legs for $1 Billion after she got the Gillette Shaver Representative contract!

Insuring your penis seems to be the current trend.  In Canada, a (male) underwear company has begun offering $50,000 insurance policies free of charge to its customer; insuring them against having their penis "detached from their body".  As is Lorena Bobbitt and 22 other women who made headlines for using a willy-wacker to cut off their partner's penis.

Perhaps Bieber thinks he has enough money, and with or without a functioning penis, he will survive financially even without a policy.  Bieber’s money-maker is his voice, not his penis.  Although his penis seemed to make his dad proud, his voice is what pays his bills.  If he chose to insure a body part, it should probably be his larynx. 

And since all attempts to inquire about his insurance was met with the standard "I cannot confirm or deny" response (except for the one who told us "If I told you, I would have to kill you"), we don't know if he does have his voice insured.  If he doesn't know which insurance agency to call (since they don't exactly run voice insurace ads on the radio), he should reach out to his buddies, Rod Stewart and the Bruce.

Clone a Willy believes the endorsement will increase Bieber’s popularity, as well as benefit sales of the Clone a Willy.  If Bieber’s dick is so impressive, maybe they need to make sure they have enough willy-casting material if he should accept their offer. 



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