How to Choose a Vibrating Bullet or Pocket Rocket

pocket rocket vs bullet vibrators

Pocket Rocket and Bullet in the same sentence?  But how can that be?

Actually, they are, but most shoppers don't realize the similarities and why we classify them as the same. We have had this argument for years and we try very hard to educate our customers on using the pocket rocket and vibrating bullet sex toys properly and safely.

Even Wikipedia editors are wrong in my opinion.  Wiki says: " … [it is a] vibrator that is egg or bullet shaped that can be completely inserted into the vagina or anus due to their small size. They can also be referred to as egg vibrators or bullet vibrators, depending on their shape."

CORDED BULLETSWiki is wrong because
1.  Corded Bullets are NOT necessarily intended to be inserted.  MANY of the corded bullets (especially the metal ones) are NOT designed of one-piece castings.  That means there is a small ridge around the center of the bullet where the two parts were put together and allegedly sealed and sanded.  

We have seen MANY instances where the seam was not smooth, and the rough edges could have irritated or cut the inside walls of the vagina.

If the seal wasn't made properly, liquid from the vagina could seep into the bullet, making contact with the vibrator motor and electrical cord, generating small electric shocks.

Getting unintended shocks to the vagina walls is an unpleasant experience when it is not expected or desired!  And you will have "concerns" each time you play with a toy after such an event.

2. Corded Bullets are NOT designed to go into the anus.  I actually am stunned that such a statement is included at Wikipedia.  The cord is NOT DESIGNED to pull the bullet out of the anus!  Should it pull loose, you will get shocked, and you will visit the emergency room for assistance in removing the bullet.

3. Corded Bullets main intended use is EXTERNAL use; it is meant to be held to the clitoris.  Customers tell us in the store that they want to insert the bullet into their vagina, then they try to buy corded bullets that shouldn't be inserted.

But by telling us what they are going to do, we know we can't change their actions, so we try to tell them ways to minimize any risks.

First, don't push the bullet in more than half of its length.  That still gives you the feeling of vibration inside the vagina and gives you enough space to grab and hold on to the bullet.

Second, NEVER pull by the cord.  If you drop your toy, don't catch it by the toy.  The weight of the controller might loosen the wires going in to the bullet.  And if you only put the toy in half way, you won't need to pull on the cord to get it out.


powerful bullet vibrator super turbo 8My favorite corded bullet is the TURBO 8

I like it because it is powerful.  Powered by 4 AA batteries, it has the "cranking amps" that a good vibrator needs.  (Another car reference!  Weird.  But cranking amps determine how much power you have to start your car.  And this toy will get your car running!)

As a man, I also like this toy because of how it can be used during intercourse.  My method is to lay the bullet on top of my shaft, running from side to side.  I use my left hand to hold the cord, which helps to keep the toy in place during slow and grinding strokes.  When I feel my partner beginning to build her orgasm, I gently grind down and hold on, keeping the toy on her clit, with me inside. After the orgasms pass, I resume stroking, and repeat the process again.

I also like this toy because I can easily (!) adjust the speeds without my hand/fingers getting slippery.  I will talk about toys with built in controls later, but this toy gives me better opportunities to make my partner more satisfied, without fumbling like a first timer.


remote controlled vagina bulletMy favorite Non-Corded Wireless Bullet:
This toy is most certainly designed to be inserted into the vagina (NOT the anus) and the remote carried by the non-wearing partner. 

Even though it does not have a cord, it has a small safety cord attached well to the toy to assist you from removing from your VAGINA.  

This is a fun bullet for inserting before going to dinner or the movies.  Or if you are brave, to dinner at your inlaws.

It is NOT designed for the anus.


original doc johnson pocket rocket mini vibratorPOCKET ROCKET:
The term pocket rocket was derived by a store manufacturer many years ago for one particular toy.  Just like "Kleenex" became the word used for tissue; and "Xerox" became the word for copiers, Pocket Rocket became the catch word for any similar type of one piece, cordless, cylinder-shaped vibrator, mostly designed for external vibrations.  

They often came with small "covers" for the head could be used to "add" to the sensation, or just keep the end covered while it rolled around in your purse.

Pocket Rocket is a Doc Johnson product, and they came out with dozens of off-shoots because they were so popular.

But they were total crap!  Store owners hated them because most that we sold were returned as being defective.  We did that a few times then stopped carrying these items.

bermans version of the pocket rocket - athenaAnd even though other manufacturers have "resurrected" the pocket rocket style, such as Berman's "Athena", we only sold it to customers who did not want to take our advice and GUYS!  Because the toy was ridiculously cheap, guys wanted this toy.  "Nothing beats the pocket rocket" we were told.  

One of my friends in fact, won't buy anything else! He thinks they are the greatest toy in the world, and when they die (quite often!), he throws them away and digs another out of his stash.  He says it gets the job done, without a care in the world as to how GOOD other toys might work — and might make his partner feel. 


bullet pocket rocket screwdriver
I  think guys might like them because it reminds them of a famous battery powered screwdriver of the same name!


Today's bullet / pocket rocket is the best of both worlds.  Some of the ones we sell are made of the highest quality and contain motors that could chip your teeth.

They are covered with special material so they can be inserted in the vagina, and not cause aggravation.  Where the old Pocket Rockets had one function, off-and-on, today's toys have a dozen settings — from fast, faster, and fastest, to the most unique of the settings.

With my partner, I like to play with the pulsing option so that she doesn't get used to the constant (and sometimes, numbing) vibration. Having the vibrator on "pulse" mode, or automatically cycling of-and-off, affects her senses, and allows her to feel the other activities that are going on.  Each "on" pulse brings her back to the area where the vibrator is focused!

In the wired bullet section, I talked about how I like the separate battery pack/controller because it was super easy for me to control, and it is usually me that controls the toy.

bullet sensuelle pointBut our best selling, and best built bullet today is made by Sensuelle, and is called "The Point". It has 20 (!) functions, allowing 20 different vibrating patters.  

My friend won't buy it because it is not a cheap, "piece of junk" toy.  This toy is quality and you will know it the first time you see it; and feel it.

Madame Red wrote a review on our site about the Sensuelle Point Vibrator.  One of her biggest selling points was the the toy is dipped "twice" in silicone, NOT plastic or some other unknown material.  Today's women want to know what is going inside of the vag.

She also explains that it is rechargeable (no changing batteries) and has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.  She also confirms that it REALLY is waterproof (not water resistant like so many allegedly waterproof toys turn out to be!).



So we are back to where we started  — we know that Pocket Rockets are no good and Wikipedia sex toy editors have never worked in a sex toy store!.  

The original pocket rocket was a poorly-made, wireless, cylindrical shape, single-speed external mini-vibrator that ran on either 1 battery or a few watch batteries; the main purpose was to stimulate the clitoris.

Bullets are various shaped items, from eggs, to oversize pills, to long, skinny torpedo shaped vibrating toys.  Some have super powerful corded controllers, while others have the newest technology and ultra powerful controllers built in to the toy.

Well made one piece bullets can be inserted into the vagina.  Corded bullets and pocket rockets are usually not designed for puttin' in the vag.



sensuelle anal toy bullet with safety stopsAnd even fewer of them are designed for the butt! Toys designed for anal use have very special features designed to prevent your butt from inhaling toy into the never reaches of your personal disposal system.  And no "regular" bullets are designed like that.

THIS is an anal bullet.  Notice the bottom of the bullet – it is made so it won't get lost in your butt.

The bottom of an anal toy must have some type of "stop", either a "T" shaped item, or a larger ring than the toy, or something that will prevent the toy from easily slipping all the way into your anus.

I'm trying to save you from problems and embarrassment!  Only use toys that are specifically designed for back-door action. 


But if you refuse to heed my advice, at least take pictures of yourself at the emergency room, laying on your stomach, while the entire hospital ER staff hides their laughter.  Selfie-selfie!



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