Hackers Online: Stay Away From My Sextoys!

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Nothing Sexy About Your Sex Toy Getting Hacked


You May Not Be Playing Alone—Beware the Sex Toy Hackers Online!


“Please me with your code!”  Could possibly be screamed by some techie lover!  Computers are necessary in today’s life, and they control more than a person can even comprehend.  There are things like vehicles, that can be hacked and controlled from afar.  Well, what if a vibrator could be hacked, too?  Oh no.  It can be hacked. 


Trend Micro, a Tokyo software firm gave a very disturbing demonstration to a group of journalists that left them speechless.  During the demonstration, they placed a vibrator on a table and typed some codes into the computer.  The vibrator started to wiggle and shake.     It seems nothing is sacred in the privacy end of the average consumer.  When a person can’t even self-soothe without worrying about a vaginal or anal takeover by hackers online, it seems people have crossed the line.  ("Hello Police?  I want to report that my vagina has been taken over by hackers online!")


The vibrator hack was just a demonstration, used to prove a point, and there haven’t been any complaints of any hacked vibrators.  However, this article may open the possibilities and create new ideas in the minds of the twisted and code-oriented.   The more people put their lives into technological devices, the more of their privacy they give up voluntarily.    For instance, during an app download, there is a screen of small print warning the downloader of all the information they are giving authorization for that company to take.  Most people think, “yeah, yeah.” and click OK right away, so as to not be annoyed by the time it is taking to read the small print.   


These hackers know that you just want the end result and they are willing to give that to you for a precious price of personal information.  Ultimately, they could make and sell vibrators with cameras that the consumer wouldn’t be aware of and they could use video surveillance to gain information and sexual material from the users.  As stated, this isn’t happening, but with all the technology used in today’s society, it is a possible problem of the future. 


According to a German site, more of these connected toys and their manufacturer's will be looking for ways to increase their market share.  One anticipated way is to integrate free video chatting with the toy controls.  What if the server captures the video — even for a brief time?

In the event of an attack on the company server, hackers can steal any recorded data, 


Hopefully, the hacked vibrator will remain just a demonstration, but who knows?  Maybe it would be a hotter self-soothe session if the vibrator was secretly hacked by Blake Shelton.


But seriously – companies will need to utilize the more secure encryption and security possible, even though we have all seen how that has worked out. 🙁   So if there is something you don't want your boss or Mom to see, be careful what services you choose to expose your innermost self.






  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh! I can't believe this!! Do you know how many toys are now "technology friendly"? I have a few toys that can be operated through an app on my phone, imagine if someone got a hold of that while I was wearing or using the toy. Talk about super creepy. You can never trust anybody or anyone on the internet. Be sure to make sure your infomation and private life are safe people!

  • Tamera

    It is truly amazing what someone can do with a computer and some internet. Which is why I never online shop. I dont put my credit card info out on any website. If I want something bad enough I will use someone elses card and give them the cash for my items. But to literally hack in someones vibrator and start operating it takes one night stand to a whole new level right? That's ok. I will keep my basic battery operated toys anyday!! 

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