ESTIM Connecting Your Genitals To Electricity

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Estim is electrostimulation of the nerve endings, specifically the genitals, for sexual pleasure.

Yesterday, I was having lunch with two friends.  I'm the youngest, as the other two are both nearing 70.  Out of the blue, "Harry" just starts telling me, "I got my estim unit in the other day.  Do you know what TENS or e-stim is?"  Of course he knows I have been in the sex toys business all my life so I meekly reply, "Yes" and let him continue.  But for those reading this, "TENS" is an abbreviation for "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation".  And estim (sometimes written "e-stim") is an abbreviation for "electrostimulation".   

He had always heard of people using the toy on their penis for hands-free ejaculation, and had read that, if done correctly, might allow a flaccid penis to be shocked to full orgasm.  I know already that he rarely gets erections any more (some friends share everything, whether you want to know or not).  

But I was more surprised when the the other friend asked him, "I have the new smaller pads coming next week".  Woah!  "Jerry" has a TENS machine also!  It appears I have been missing out on the news from my friends.  I always knew he was wild, as he has a Sybian.  So it was time to ask questions.

Jerry says that he was able to bring himself to a hands-free orgasm with the TENS unit once — when he first received it.  He thinks it was because it was new and he was so excited to experiment with the new product.  Since then however, he hasn't been able to read a hands-free ejaculation.  

Harry explained that he hasn't had success with the toy but plans to keep trying.

All that sharing encouraged me to talk about my experience with TENS.  I had a unit with four pads and electrodes, very similar to this one.  I placed one pad at the base of the penis and one pad at the frenulum, the spot directed under the glans at the "back" of your penis.  Then I turned on the shocks and began experimenting with the amount of electricity being sent through the pads.

Now, I have to admit, I have a morbid fear of electricity and getting shocked by anything.  I want to scream when static electricity builds up and I touch the car door and get a shock.  So I was probably not the best candidate for testing ESTIM, but I still wanted the chance.

The light shocks were interesting, and didn't feel bad.  I continued to adjust the amount of shock until I got it as high as I could handle.  It went from tingling to really uncomfortable.  I was never able to get that "squeezing" or "pulsing" sensation BETWEEN the pads that many users talk about.  That feeling, if you can get to it, is considered the "Holy Grail" of estim-based pulsations.  I also changed the positions of the pads many times to see if I could generate a different feeling.  

In the end, I couldn't get myself even close to cumming.  But I wasn't really surprised because I have never been an easy subject to bring to ejaculation.  So any review I would do of electrostimulation wouldn't really be fair — and so I never wrote about my experiences.  It wasn't until friends start telling me over lunch that they had been playing with e-stim, that I decided I would share my experience, good, bad or indifferent as it were.

When I started telling my buddies about the e-stim butt plug that I tried, both friends grimaced and said that I was "quite adventurous" and their "ass was off-limits".  I'm thinking to myself, you are talking about hooking up electricity to your penis, and purposely shocking yourself — how can you give me that sour face when I talk about trying an electrically charged butt plug?  Unfortunately, my experience has been many years ago, and the exact toys I used have been discontinued and improved, so the ones I am showing are "close" to what I used … and most likely better as they have more years of experience under their belt now.

What I had read about the butt plug is that the estim (or TENS) controller could generate a current that would cause the plug to slightly move in and out of your anus, in a slight, simulated fucking motion.  I've written before that anal doesn't really interest me (except for prostate toys) but I'm still game to trying new things.  

I lubed the plug and inserted it into my ass and fired up the estim controller.  The feelings were unique, slightly pleasurable on low speed, but no matter what speed I tried, the plug didn't move.  I also thought that it might send waves of electrical current into my prostate or cause a rock hard erection because of the nerves and electricity, but that didn't happen.  In the end, it was enjoyable but something I have never repeated.

Hearing them talk made me think back to my days with my estim toys, and wondering if I should try again.  Certainly technology has changed and those changes might improve the feelings I would get.  

Both guys told me that they had better luck with their partners and estim units — being able to generate intense clitoral orgasms with mild shocks.  The pads that come with these units however, were too large and un-comfortable, hence Jerry's search for and ordering of smaller shock pads.  

Next month when we meet again, I plan to ask more questions about their experiences.  🙂


PS:  I don't link to explicit videos on, but if you would like to see an example of what I hoped to accomplish with tens and "estim" or "electric stimulation", there is a great non-professional video here:  h**p://

The move I looked around the site, I noticed that most guys are using actual cock bands, rather than the adhesive pads, and a large number of them are putting on the balls or under the balls.  Watching the video got me excited to try it again but I don't know when that will happen.

The picture I used for the post is the travel kit, and considering what it comes with, I think it is a good deal (tens controller, butt plug, pads, and cock straps).

And a few words of advice:

Always remember, all electrical connections need power and a ground. So two electrode pads or an electrode pad and the accessory will always be needed. For instance, if you are using the butt plug you will need to attach the power lead (red) to the butt plug and the ground lead (black) to an electrode pad stuck to your butt cheek or thigh. When using the cock ring the red lead goes to the cock ring and the black lead to an electrode pad attached to your thigh or pubic area.

The butt plug I was using had two electro-panels but not two cords.  It was described as a "bi-polar" toy meaning that it had its own "positive" and "negative" terminals built-in.  Most metal butt plugs are not bi-polar and must be used with another connection to the body such as a patch to complete the connection.  However, I don't think it was actually bi-polar which may be the reason I didn't have any luck with it.  



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