Crave Vesper: Public Display of Sex Toys?

crave vesper vibrator

Crave Vesper:  Accessorize With Vibrators

No, this is not a "Vespa".  A Vespa is a small motorcycle or scooter.  You ride the Vespa, but you don't ride the Vesper.

You’re getting dressed up to go out on the town.   You look in the mirror and realize something is missing!  You grab your vibrator and throw it around your neck and run out the door.  No, you didn’t read this wrong—Many women are choosing to wear their favorite vibrator necklace everywhere they go.  This is a new concept in vibrators and jewelry, and can be very decorative, and pleasing, as well. 

crave vesper vibrator

Crave Vesper is a vibrator manufacturer in San Francisco who innovatively changed the way we look at sex toys with this one genius item—the Vesper.   Made to look like a nail, the Vesper is a 3.5 inch long, stainless steel cylinder that decoratively hangs from a chain.  There is a tiny power button that is not obvious to most people.  In case there is worry that it will turn itself on if it hits clothing, it is made to need a very hard push in order to turn this on.  


This small Crave Vesper vibrator is a very portable clitoral stimulator.  This the amazing product proves that it isn’t about size, it is about how it is used.  Tiny, but effective, this decorative necklace is “finishing off” more than just the outfits it accompanies.   With the option of three varied speeds, pulsate, and heavy vibration, this tiny piece of heaven is also rechargeable.   The charge lasts between 2 and 4 uses, depending how long each session takes. 


The wonderful thing is it can be charged via USB on your laptop!  The vibrating motor actually heats the stainless casing, which adds to the pleasure it gives.   This is not for anal penetration, as it may get lost in or burn your ass.  If you are on the go, and in between meetings, the Crave Vesper can entertain you while you wait for time to pass.  Time comes and goes, but the Vesper will keep you coming. 


We don't sell the Crave at LoveWorks – but we do sell dozens of other discreet vibrators and sex toys that you can carry around with you.  






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