Review: Climax Silk Touch Vibrating Egg

climax touch seafoam and lavender colors egg vibrator

Sea Foam Silk Touch Vibrating Egg by Climax

The Climax Silk Touch vibrating egg is a pretty decent bullet vibrator. While there are better out there, there are definitely much worse. Lol This particular toy caught my because of its loud color (I’m quite partial to minty hues), quickly followed by the fact that is “jackpin” based. Jackpin means it connects to the other piece via jack and is not fed by wire into it, connecting them permanently. I like this feature because it delays the inevitable shorting out that comes with any vibrating egg bullet with a cord. Also, it makes the controller compatible with any other jackpin based toy.

It is made from a hard plastic with a velvet coating. This is a plus because it will allow for more friction when in use. This vibrating egg offers 6 modes of play including steady vibration, and some patterns. The flexi-cord makes it easy to maneuver to whatever position suits you at the moment. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries places into the controller, and turned off on by the huge silver button in the center. (This is also used to flip through the patterns of vibration).

Beneath the half dollar sized silver button, there is a turn dial to adjust the strength of the vibration. If you’re wanting a better than average bullet but on a budget, this is worth the money.  The hard plastic with velvet coating help to make this egg vibrator last.  


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  • Fun colors
  • Affordable ($35ish)
  • Multi-speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet


  • Has a cord
  • While the vibration is decent, it could be better.


Vibrating Egg Vibrator by Climax Sextoys Vibrating Egg Vibrator by Climax Sextoys



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  • Lauren

    This bullet immediately caught my eye. Teal is my favorite color and the almost disco ball like button was brightly shining from the lights. Not to mention the bullet its self is appealing to the eye (to mine at least) I have never seen a bullet that had ridges before which made me curious, and I was wanting to try something new. I think it could vibrate a tad bit stronger than what it does, but overall it wasn't a complete bust. I also love that the cord comes out of the remote (breaking wires is a problem with me) I enjoyed this toy and I'm happy to say it is part of my collection now.

  • Rylee

    I was told this was very powerful and the cord removed from the toy in the store, and for the price, I had to try it! The pulse settings left me wanting more. I was surprised with the number of functions it had. On its lowest vibration setting, it is already as powerful as an everyday bullet, but thankfully it can be cranked up to blow your hair back! It can be a little noisy during use, but it was nothing major. The battery life doesn't last at all. So what I have discovered to do is take out the batteries while I'm not using it. Now onto the cord that unplugs…I was so excited about this…Thats a BIG bonus for anyone who knows how gross an egg can get if you don't clean it right. So since the cord is detachable, it makes clean up soooo much easier!! I absolutely love this toy. By far my favorite toy I have ever bought.

  • Alex

      I underestimated this bullet. It's by far the most powerful bullet I have ever bought. The variety of pulsations/functions is awesome! Just beware that the controller is super sensitive to touch, so it can very easily turn on. I would recommend taking the batteries out while you aren't using it. You don't want it to burn up in the drawer or where ever you are going to store it at. Another thing I loved about this was the fact that the cord is removable from the remote…can we say even easier clean up? You really need to try this toy…no you MUST try this toy like asap!!

  • Kali

    This is by far my favorite egg vibrator I've ever found.  It has several different patterns AND multiple speeds separately so you can adjust as needed.  I've never seen so many combinations.  I loved the vibration level and hate that it has been so hard to find (I just hunted this thing DOWN, which is how I found your site).

    Okay, so this is part testimonial, part question.  My questions are 1)  If you think this isn't the best out there, I would LOVE to hear what you do recommend.  I'm always looking for better!  And 2)  I do see how the jackpin feature would help it not die as quickly but the two I've had before, I had to throw away because the wire would get bent.  Does the jackpin feature help that or does it just help for when it's not in use?  I think I need something that doesn't break as easily.  I have no idea why it happens (maybe I just hold it weird), but this will be the third one I've bought and I'm thinking about getting 2 so that I can have one for later!  😀

    Thanks!  ANd happy vibing to everyone.

    • admin

      Hey there! I have 2 answers to your questions.

      1. The ahhh vibe bullet (Ahhh Vibe comes in 3 colors) is a lot stronger, there are more functions; also has the same jackpin feature with the wire, and overall has better quality. It also has more reinforcement around the bullet itself so the wire has less of a tendency to break. The jackpin feature helps tremendously with the wire. It will last longer and it isn’t as flimsy. When it comes to the ahh vibe bullet, it is on the smaller side but the intensity is very strong and the toy has a very long lifespan. The bullet itself is plastic but it also comes with a silicone cover you can put on it. Requires 2 aaa batteries to operate.

      2. I would also recommend the Climax Bunnies Bullet. It has the same Jackpin feature, it’s powerful, has different functions, it’s bigger and has rabbit ears on it like a rabbit toy. If anyone enjoys a rabbit toy but likes the bullet better, this  is what their dreams are made of! The wire doesn’t seem to be as thick as the ahh vibe bullet wire but it’s not bad. This bullet has silicone rabbit ears, and the entire bullet is covered in silicone instead of straight plastic. I have never had bad reviews about this this one when I have sold it to anyone. The lifespan is also very long too. Requires 2 AA batteries to operate.

      I hope this helps you!  And thanks for the question.  

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