5 Tips On How Does A Butt Plug Really Works

how does a butt plug work

This is Part One of a multi-part guide on anal sex toys like the butt plug.

When I talk with customers (and when I teach my staff to talk with customers) about anal toys, I explain that there are five reasons for buying anal toys or the toy more commonly known as a butt plug.  But before I tell them  the "reasons", I always ask "what is your goal?" or "what do you hope to accomplish with a butt plug".   

So often, the customer looks at me like I have five heads.  Since they have never thought of it in the way I am asking, they are often at a loss for answers.  On the other hand, customers that have thought it out, will tell me things like "to help her get ready for anal sex" or "because it feels good to cum with a finger in my ass, I thought a toy would be even better".  There is no wrong answer, I just want to know what they are seeking so that I can show them the right type of butt plug that will (hopefully) fulfill their "goals".  

Also, a disclaimer.  Although I have been called "asshole", it was never "Dr Asshole".  I don't pretend to know it all — and I don't want to imply that my explanations may not be different from others in the industry.  What I write here is based on my knowledge, my experience, and my experimentation with anal toys.  I've never been in a master/slave relationship, so I have no experience in slave training and anal punishment.  And, last time I checked, I don't have a vagina, so I can't tell you first-hand how expansion toys will feel when they are used with a penis or toy in the vagina.  And finally, other than prostate toys, I don't personally enjoy toys in my butt.  Got it?  Ok, lets continue.

The Five Reasons for Buying and Using Anal Toys:


1.  Anal play, the feel of something in the ass, allows the ass to close (but feel "full" if a larger toy is used),  The smaller base helps to keep the toy in your ass during anal play because your ass is able to "close" substantially after insertion.  Anal beads are part of this category unless they are extremely large.  Small anal beads are the greatest item for beginners trying anal play for the first time.


Anal Play Toys:

anal play toy butt plug anal play beads aka butt beads, anal speed bumps


Big toys with small base – inflatable butt plug; the felling of "fullness" during anal play; There can be less pain during insertion and removal.  Once inside however, there is no feeling; just like anal toys that are air filled or expandable.  In some cases, the buttons will be on the base will be up to your ass where you can reach them!  An inflatable butt plug does not provide the same level of excitement during anal play because the largest portion of the butt plug in in your anal canal — which doesn't provide the same intensity as a larger base toy.  

The toy on the right however, is still an inflatable butt plug, but is designed as an anal expander.  It is not inserted all the way past your anal sphincter.  It is intended to go only partially in the opening.  Then as the pumping begin, it stretches the anal opening.  This inflatable butt plug helps to (slowly) enlarge your butt hole (for lack of better word).  Pump it up; rest.  Pump it up more; rest.  You get the picture.  Although we do sell this product, I usually suggest anal trainers instead of inflatable butt plugs.


inflatable butt plug anal toy enlarges in your ass anal toys that grow inside of you












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