Breaking News Today: Young Boys Penises Exposed!

condoms and lube for teen boys

Condoms Breaking News Today:  This Just In and Its' Uncovered


            Breaking News Today! Condoms are wonderful things, when used properly.  Put it on, stick it in and rhythmically rock the time away until you explode in ecstasy, and take it off.  This is a happy ending, in more ways than one.    Some condom users aren’t so lucky because they only get one happy ending for their dicks—which may lead to a not-so happy ending later in life. 

            A broken condom is a very scary thing.  If a woman is unsure of the cleanliness of the man she is rage-fully riding, a broken condom can lead to fears of incurable diseases.   Breaking News Today!  If a girl is in her fertile time, a broken condom can lead to fears of pregnancy.  For some women, both of these fears can be haunting at the same time.  As for men, they have the same fears—disease and lifelong fathering responsibilities (ie: 40% wage garnisment for life!).  One horny moment of pleasure can ruin the rest of your life.  Sex is a scary thing, if jumped into without proper actions. 

            Condoms are available to teenagers very easily.  They buy them, and use them, which makes them responsible, right?  Not necessarily.  Ripping open a box and rolling one on and jamming it in, without even looking at the instructions or warnings could lead to scary results.  But who reads the package and the inserts?  Do you?  I never have, but then I felt that I knew everything there was to know about the user of a condom.

            Teen boys aren't so knowledgeable, yet they aren't going to read the package either.  We are lucky they opened a condom package to begin with and plan to use it.  But they really do NOT know how to use a condom properly.  Although many condoms state on the package that they "are lubricated", it usually isn’t enough – especially for those with limited experiences and limited sexual practice. 

            Teen boys don't realize that their sexual partner is likely experiencing fear and trepidation — both of which are known to stop the female sexual glands from lubricating as designed.  Boys also confuse "dryness" with "tightess' (or as one of my conceited friends explained, it is not because it was tight, it was because it was "full").  

            A dry vagina can lead to a ripped condom* and in an excited, young teen male, any action could result in orgasm.  Lack of sexual opportunities and lack of safe and hurried time and places create a level of wonder-lust that only a teen boy can understand.

condoms and lube for teen boys

Prom Nite Pack: 2 condoms with lube

            Teens need to be educated on the warning of not using proper lubrication with condoms.  They are fed the information of, “it is safe if you wear a condom”, when they are not told that they could be doing it wrong.  Perhaps this should be part of sexual education — because no one else can "educate" them.  Underage boys and girls are prohibited from going into sex stores where this information is freely and regularly distributed.

            They can read on the internet about condom breakage, but that means nothing when they are in the heat-of-passion and an opportunity for sexual interaction occurs.  Boys understand that when they are excited, they are erect; and they think that when girls want to have sex, they are wet.  Unfortunately there are few steps in there that they missed.

breaking news today pillow pack samplers lube
            Perhaps every condom manufacturer should include small tubes of lube and easy, fast photo instructions with large, red warnings near them.  But even that creates new problems.  

            Most small lube packages (called "pillow packs" or samplers) are made of hard plastic with rigid corners, which can poke a hole in the condom when kept in the same pocket.   Take a look at the edges of the same to the left — they really are as sharp as they look.


            A few manufacturers have created new packaging which is friendlier to pockets and condoms in the pocket.  Sliquid, a very good breaking news today sliquid all natural foil lube packsnatural and pure lubricant that women are flocking to, has created new packing that is the size of a condom package and is made of foil.  This design allows it to be carried with the condom without any worry of damage to the condom.  

            But there is still a problem.  Breaking News Today — Teen boys aren't buying their condoms at sex shops.  They are at the corner drug store; the condom machine at the gas station; or Wal-Mart if they can stand the stares at the register.  And to be the best of my knowledge, there are no mini foil packages of lube being sold at those locations.

            What does that leave?  The lube on the condom because there will be nothing else.  Of course there is "spit", which we don't like to suggest although it is proven safe and healthy.  But I am willing to take anything I can to decrease condom breakage.


*There are many reasons for condom breakage, but improper lubrication is one of the biggest factors.


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