Booty Anal Bopper Training Kit — Glitter in the Ass

booty anal boppers

The Glittery Booty Anal Boppers

I carry this really adorable anal kit in my store, (or you can get it here on the website), called the Booty Anal Boppers Trainer Kit. It is a part of NS Novelties Starlight Gems collection, which means it is glittery. Nothing makes me happier than some glitter, so I may be particularly partial to this anal trainer kit over others for that very reason….ok it is not the only reason, but oddly it does help.

The kit includes three different sized anal plugs; mini, small, and medium. I highly recommend this kit to beginners, it is comfortable and sized  well, (nothing too extreme). Each individual plug is tapered, so it starts off smaller and gradually gets larger in diameter and length. Tapered anal plugs really are one of the main factors for a beginner or even intermediate user to consider for ease of insertion, as well as lubrication. Also an anal trainer that offers so many different sizes often becomes a one time buy.

You get three booty anal plugs, in three different sizes; most of the time you are not going to be interested in purchasing more. You got the basis covered. (Now if you want to experience the amazing feeling of vibration in your bum,, then you will be back for more.) The diameters of each individual size are as follows; with the diameter size listed as the largest diameter of the plug, (so near the base of the taper): mini: 3.25" in length and 1.75" in diameter, small: 4" in length and 1.75" in diameter, and medium: 5" in length and 2.25" in diameter.

booty anal boppers booty anal boppers booty anal boppers booty anal boppers booty anal boppers

A lot of people worry about booty anal plugs getting sucked inside of their bodies. It is possible, but far less likely to happen with this type of plug. The base is a large suction cup that will offer a little more security for the person using the plug. The suction booty anal bopperscup, also, offers you some more imaginative play. For someone who wants to practice anal on their own, they can suction cup it to their bathtub, (the part you step over to get into the tub), and ease themselves onto it. It is secure enough of a suction to keep the plug in place.

The plugs are also made from body-safe, odorless, non-sticky TPE material. This material is soft and has some give to it, which means it will work with your body and not against it when inserting. For anal play it is also important to consider what the product is made of, because you want it to be easy to clean. TPE is not the most hygienic, but only because it is a porous material. I just recommend that you clean your booty anal plugs immediately after use and again before play.

Proper cleaning directions are really simple and very basic. To clean use warm water and your favorite anti-bacterial toy cleaner, pat dry with a cotton towel, and leave out to air dry completely. That is it, that simple. To clean before use, you most likely are not going to want to wait for it completely air dry. Just pat dry as best you can, after cleaning, and then apply whatever type of lubrication your heart desires.

That is correct, these plugs are suitable for all type of lubricants. A thicker silicone type lube is highly recommended for anal play. Silicone just goes a lot further without your body absorbing it, making it a far more comfortable experience.

When I get a couple that comes into my store and expresses a desire to want to try anal for the first time, I always tell them about this kit. I can not speak for men, but I do know what works for women. Before jumping straight into anal, insert a booty anal plug with lubrication into the anal cavity. Then take some time making sure that the lady gets off. I highly advise oral. This way she is getting used to something being in her butt, and having a positive experience with it. Also, when she has a full orgasm her muscles are going to immediately relax, and she will be far less tense; So give her a few minutes and when she is ready remove the plug and go at it – slowly and gently. Listen to what she has to say. It may be one of those things that take a few times. The trick is to really let her be comfortable, and let her have some positive experiences with a plug first.


UPC CODE:  657447094781

Pros: Body Friendly Material

            Desired Taper Design

            Size Variety

            Any Lube Friendly

            Suction Cup


Cons: Take care to clean properly



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  • Sharon

    These plugs are so adorable and cute, I just HAD to have them. I am a sucker for a cute plug. The small and the medium sizes are very doable, but the big one I have to work myself up to it…it is big! I love the fact that I can use any kind of lube that I want. Another thing that I love about this, is the base is a suction cup. That actually surprised me..and the suction cup is actually decent. It's not like a lot of so say suction cups that won't stick to anything..this will actually stick. Clean up is actually pretty easy, but you have to make sure to clean it as soon as you are done. Don't want it to get nasty or hold any unwanted bacteria. I will definitely take glitter in the ass anyday!

  • Ariel

    These are made of a very good material and are extremely easy to use. They have a satiny feel and slide in so easy. Works great for stretching out before actually doing anal..Plus it makes anal so much more enjoyable. The smallest one personally for me was too small. It didn't do anything for me, but it is a nice size for beginners or anyone who hasn't done much with butt play. The glitter is adorable. Who doesn't like glitter?? I also love the fact that it has a suction cup bottom. That is what I think makes this set one of a kind. I have had my other plug set for over a year and I think I am liking these better than the other set I have. It is worth a try, I promise!!

  • Bionca

    I tried this and it was excellent! I advanced all the way to the third level. They are nice and smooth, also go in very very easy. I have trouble getting them to stay in place though. They are so easy to use by myself, which is great for me. The very first time I used it, I started with the first level which personally was way too small, so then I moved up to the second level. That was perfect for me. I am also very familiar with anal play, so that may have been why.  These are my favorite ones to use. Even easy to keep clean too. Another thing I love is the suction cups. Talk about some awesome anal play. It left me actually excited to use, anticipation build up is great! I would recommend these to anyone.

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